Fresh fare, full beverage service: Alaska Airlines further expands food and drink offerings for passenger


Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional information. 

Like other U.S. carriers, Alaska Airlines scaled back meals and drinks on most flights early during the pandemic, limiting onboard interactions while enabling the airline to conserve some much-needed cash.

Now, after the airline restored some service on flights to and from Hawaii and expanded offerings on other routes as well, many Alaska Airlines flyers will begin to experience a level of onboard service on par with what you might have expected before the pandemic.

As of July 31, freshly prepared hot meal options will be available in first class on transcontinental flights and snacks may be pre-ordered for select passengers, along with full beverage service available in all cabins.

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Alaska is once again offering hot meals on transcon flights. (Photo courtesy of Alaska Airlines)
First-class passengers on all transcontinental and Hawaii flights will have their choice of two entrees or a fruit and cheese platter. Meanwhile, on all other flights longer than 1,100 miles, first-class flyers will get their choice of two hot meal entrees, including seasonal entree options such as Guajillo Chile-Lime Salad with a roasted lemon crema and Miso Marinated Cod in a sesame-miso butter sauce.

First-class passengers on flights between 670 and 1,100 miles will be served full tray service meals, including Schoenwald porcelain and compostable linen and silverware and have a choice between two cold entrees or a signature fruit & cheese plate.

Economy and Premium Class flyers will be able to pre-order snacks and fresh-food options, including picnic packs on flights longer than 670 miles. Passengers on flights over 1,100 miles can choose from a fruit and cheese platter, ham and egg wrap at breakfast, or a smoked turkey sandwich in the afternoon and evening.

Fresh meal boxes are available for pre-order up to two weeks before a flight. (Photo courtesy of Alaska Airlines)
Fresh food can be pre-ordered up to two weeks before a flight and up to one hour before departure, while picnic packs can be reserved up to an hour in advance. Some may be available on the cart as well.

Alaska Airlines will continue to offer an extensive selection of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages available in all cabins with multiple cart services on flights more than 1,100 miles. Passengers onboard can expect West Coast-inspired beers, wines and premium spirits, as well as Starbucks Coffee, Teavana Tea and soda, in all cabins on flights more than 400 miles.

Alcohol is free in first class and Premium Class, while economy flyers can make touchless payments via a stored card, or they can hand over a credit card to pay onboard if they prefer.

Alaska has also resumed its onboard recycling program, helping keep cans, cups and paper products out of landfills. The airline also recently began rolling out boxed water on many flights to further reduce waste.

Additional reporting by Juan Ruiz. 

Featured photo courtesy of Alaska Airlines.

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