Have Dinner Together Tonight!

 `“All great change in America begins at the dinner table.” - Ronald Reagan

Can I ask… how long has it been since your family sat down all together at the dinner table?  I understand, I have been there myself lately… wondering, when did we stop sitting down together at a table set with dishes, silverware, and food served in bowls waiting to be passed around?  

As a young mother, I was inspired to create a “family table” in my home by a dear mentor and my big oak table is my favorite piece of furniture.  But, somehow amid raising all those children, we moved away from that nightly tradition of eating together; to eating at the counter, grabbing something as we walked out the door to an activity or even eating on the go in the van.  When did this happen?  I’m not really sure…. But, I know now is the TIME to “begin again” and re-establish our family dinners!

Can I encourage you?  TONIGHT- even if you’re “not ready”, teach your child how to set the silverware next to your plates (paper plates work…shhh - don’t tell Don), put all the food (even if it’s frozen pizza) on the table and sit down together to share and eat (even if you are on a tight schedule).  I know it’s more work and takes a little more planning and time.  I promise you, it’s worth your investment!  After just a few short weeks, it has become the part of the day we look forward to the most.  You can even do it when you’re not “at home” any table works - just make sure everyone sits down together.

After just a few evenings, we have seen the fruit of gathering again at our table.  This is the place where our children learn how to interact with others, where they learn to listen and to speak, where they learn values of courtesy and hospitality, where they can serve each other, and beautiful family memories are savored together. 

Our family dinner time is precious, don’t let any insecurities keep you from it - have dinner at the table together tonight!