How to Buy Household Items at Thrift Stores

Finding things at Goodwill or thrift stores to use around your home is a way to add value to your home without taking value from your pocketbook!  Learning how to buy household items at thrift stores  can save you some serious money!

Some tips on buying housewares at Goodwill, or other thrift stores, for your family
the only decent pot I ever found at goodwill.
The Holy Grail. :)

Hi, I'm Hilary -- the curly head from Pulling Curls. I have to say that I LOVE having the things I need, but I also love staying minimal and having an organized home. Today I want to share some of my favorite things that I get at Goodwill in the housewares/household section:

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I have a harder time finding household items, but here's my top 10 for finding household items at used secondhand and thrift stores:

1.  Extra silverware (we go through spoons like no one's business, so to have a few  mis-matched ones to eat our yogurt with in the morning can never be a bad thing).

2.  Camping items (seriously, don't buy new, that's insane) -- we've gotten great quality sleeping bags here!

3.  Gadgets -- you might remember my biscuit cutter story from a few posts ago.

4.  Baskets -- such a great place to get good quality baskets

5.  Center piece items - -we just got a new table and I had a cute set within a few minutes of walking in.  Or items to decorate with in general

6.  Frames/art -- we had to re-do our kitchen and found these 2 pieces for 15 bucks total.  They're our only art.  I feel fancy.  It obviously doesn't take much! :)

7.  Drawers/ containers.  My entire closet has been done with Goodwill plastic drawers and shelves to store the things I need.  Much cheaper then a custom closet, and it sure gets the job done!

8.  I bought all my curling ribbon ribbon at Goodwill, I love this kind, super high quality -- I see it there ALL the time for super cheap.

9.  Office supplies.  I've gotten a lot of new lined paper at Goodwill for about 25 cent/pack (on 50% off day), and notebook dividers.  Always brand new in their package, for cheap.  I like to have a few of these items on hand when someone has a binder emergency.

10.  Wrapping paper See #8, again always new with the plastic wrap on it.  What a great deal!

I doubt this is a full list, and I am NOT a fan of hoarding items from Goodwill, but think of things you need (currently I need some smaller containers to organize our desk drawers), put them on an evernote and review them before you go in.  So often you'll find things that fit your needs and you can cross them off. :)

I also go into Goodwill with a list of clothes my kids need to check out their section as well.

If you're looking to get your house in shape, try my 5 word organization challenge. It will help you get started on YOUR organized home:

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