How to Get Burn Marks Off Your Baking Sheets

Have you really cooked a meal if your sheet pan doesn't have burn marks all over it?!

It's a right of passage in the kitchen, but it can make your sheet pans look really old, even if they're just a few months old. 

I've had about every burn mark on these pans imaginable. I'll scrub it by hand first, then throw in the dishwasher...if it still isn't clean, I bring out this handy-dandy product that makes your baking sheets look brand new.

Here's how you get burn marks out of your baking sheets:

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how to get burn marks off your cooking sheets

I know your pans look like this too ;).

Here's the magical product...I get it at Target for about $4. I use it EVERYWHERE in my apartment. It's one of the best cleaning products you can invest in.

What I Use: 

They have a powder option and a liquid option. The liquid option is a teeny bit more expensive, but in my opinion, way easier to use so I usually opt for that.

Step 1: Shake Bar Keeper Friends.

Step 2: Place the liquid onto the pan. I always do too much...don't be like me. Start with a little and add more as you need.

Step 3: Let the liquid sit for a minute. 

Step 4: Take a damp sponge and make little circles around the pan. You're going to need to put some muscle into it! 

Step 5: Rinse off the pan and repeat anywhere that needs a little extra love.

Here's what my sheet pan looked like after I used Bar Keepers Friends...


burn marks off your cooking sheets

Isn't that pretty impressive?!

For $4, I'll take it. I am even surprised that the gold hasn't come off with the sheet pan too. Major win!


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