How to Make Breakfast in Bed

If you’re celebrating a holiday or you just want to make someone feel special, breakfast in bed is a great way to do it. While the standard breakfast-in-bed fare is pretty straightforward—you make breakfast and put it on a tray or table so that the person can put it on their lap—it's more fun to go the extra mile. Here are some tips for making breakfast in bed extra sweet for your favorite person.


[Edit]Grab a sturdy tray with small sides.

  1. It will contain the food securely and minimize spillage. You can find specialty breakfast in bed trays, or you can use a laptop desk instead. Set your tray out on the table before you start cooking so you can load your food on it as you go.[1]
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    • You can also grab your silverware and a napkin for the tray, too.

[Edit]Go classic with eggs and toast.

  1. You can never go wrong with scrambled eggs. Crack a few eggs into a bowl and add a splash of milk, then whisk it all together with a fork. Pour your eggs along with some butter into a hot pan, then cook them until they’re light and fluffy. Toast a few pieces of bread in the toaster and add some butter on the side for a simple yet sweet breakfast.[2]

    • If your loved one has a sweet tooth, try adding jelly or jam on the side.

[Edit]Whip up pancakes or waffles.

  1. Make your breakfast extra tasty with a hearty main dish. Think about what your recipient would love—where do they fall on the pancakes vs. waffles debate? Grab a premade batter or whip up your own for an easy breakfast that’s fun to make.[3]

    • Don’t forget to add a little syrup or powdered sugar on the side

[Edit]Add some protein with bacon or sausage.

  1. Choose the recipients’ favorite and get to cooking! It’s not a complete breakfast without a little bit of protein. You could fry up strips of bacon or cook some links of sausage for a tasty addition to their meal.[4]

[Edit]Make a fun pastry.

  1. Cinnamon rolls, scones, or biscuits are great breakfast foods. If you have the time, try starting these the night before so they have time to rise before you bake them. Or, get up early so your loved one can have fresh, hot pastries to enjoy for breakfast.[5]
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    • If baking isn’t your thing, try picking some up from your local bakery instead.

[Edit]Try a full English breakfast for some variety.

  1. Combine all your favorites in one dish. You can include sausage, bacon, eggs, toast, sliced tomatoes, baked beans, black pudding, kippers, mushrooms, and potatoes in your full English. Don’t forget the ketchup or the hot sauce on the side![6]

    • A full English breakfast makes a ton of food, so feel free to dig in yourself.

[Edit]Garnish your plate with fresh fruit.

  1. Cut up some strawberries or cantaloupe for your tray. Sprinkle the fruit into a small bowl or on the side of the plate for a refreshing yet sweet treat. You could also add blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, or pineapple chunks.[7]
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    • If you made French toast or pancakes, add the fresh fruit on top.

[Edit]Squeeze a glass of orange juice.

  1. It will taste so much better than orange juice from a bottle. Cut an orange in half and press it onto a juicer. Keep pressing oranges until you have a full glass of juice for your special person. Fill up the glass about 3/4 of the way full so you don’t have to worry about spills.[8]

    • If your breakfast in bed recipient enjoys mimosas, you could even top it off with a little champagne.

[Edit]Make a fruit smoothie.

  1. It’s a sweet treat to go along with your breakfast. Add some frozen fruit like pineapple, raspberries, or blackberries into your blender along with ice, milk, and a few bananas. Blend your ingredients together until they’re smooth, then pour them into a glass for your loved one to enjoy.[9]
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    • For an extra fun treat, add some whipped cream on top!

[Edit]Brew a mug of coffee or tea.

  1. Give them a warm drink to sip on as they enjoy breakfast. Figure out if your breakfast in bed recipient is a coffee or tea kind of person (what do they usually drink in the mornings?). If it’s coffee, get fancy and use a French press to make them a hot cup of coffee. If they prefer tea, grab your nicest teapot and a few fancy teacups to serve it up.[10]

    • If it’s warm out, try making iced coffee instead of a hot cup.

[Edit]Deliver the breakfast in bed.

  1. Plate it all on your serving tray before you go. Add some cloth napkins and a vase of fresh flowers to get a little fancy! Let your loved one lounge in bed and set the tray right on their lap.[11]
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    • You could even grab your own breakfast and sit next to them to eat a meal together.

[Edit]Clean up the kitchen.

  1. Don’t leave the mess for your breakfast recipient! After they’re done eating, make sure you clean up the area and any dishes that you dirtied. Load up your dishwasher or start washing by hand to leave a nice, clean space for your special person.[12]
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    • If you have any little helpers (like your kiddos), you can get them to help clean up, too. It will teach them that the job’s not done until the mess is clean!


  • Choose a time when your special recipient won't be rushed to finish their breakfast. A weekend is often a good time, or a special holiday.

[Edit]Things You'll Need

  • Suitable tray or stand
  • Serviettes/napkins
  • Vase and a flower
  • Best dinnerware and cutlery
  • Cloth for lining tray
  • Artistic decorations

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