How to Redecorate Your Kitchen For a Higher Home Resale Value

When staging a property for reselling, the kitchen is among the most overlooked sections. Floors, walls, landscapes, and doors are always prioritized. But redecorating your kitchen can have a significant impact on your property sale value.

Most people who've never handled a remodeling project before may get confused. That’s because it's a complicated job. In this article, learn the ways you can redecorate your kitchen to improve the selling price. For more information on kitchen redecoration, visit the platforms like

Clean Your Kitchen

The most important thing you should do is clean your kitchen. It's not uncommon for people to bring in potential buyers to an imperfect kitchen, assuming that they wouldn't mind the dust or the dirt.

When cleaning, you should clean everything there is in the kitchen. Wash the floors, paint the walls, wipe the countertops, and organize the silverware.

If possible, you should get a professional cleaning company to clean the kitchen -- especially if you have a bigger kitchen. NKBA estimates the average kitchen to be between 103 and 238 sq. feet.

One advantage is you'll save time and get rid of the stubborn oily stain and odor. It will make your kitchen even more appealing to buyers.

Clear the Counters

The countertop is the main thing potential buyers will look at since it's where they'll be cooking their food. 

So depending on whether your counters need repair or replacement, do it accordingly. For an affordable fix, you can wash and then re-laminate your countertop. 

If you've got a chipped stone countertop, you can repair it by collecting the fragments and using adhesive to glue them at their places.

With budget permitting, you can go for stone or concrete countertops for best results.

Along with countertops, do inspect the cabinets. If they need replacement, don't hesitate to install new components.

Fix the Floors

Similarly, the kitchen floor can have a big impact on your buying decision. So if the flooring is outdated, consider upgrading it too.

If there are chips or cracks, it's a sign that you should get your floors repaired. This type of damage can worsen with time, and buyers know it.

If there has been a water leakage recently and you use hardwood flooring, replacing it is a must.

Outdated style flooring should be replaced as well.

Update Lighting

How the lights are organized within the kitchen can also make or break the deal. If the kitchen doesn't receive much natural light, it's imperative to use current LED bulbs at appropriate places. A dull kitchen will most likely put buyers off.

Daylight-style bulbs are the best, with yellow glow lights being the least preferred. So use them to make space feel more open.

Accessorize and Set the Dining or Bar Area

You need to know that your kitchen, just like other rooms, is ordered and organized. If there's a dining area or bar either within or adjacent to the kitchen, put some effort into organizing things. Ideally, you should have no more than a few items. But don't leave it empty either. A teakettle, fresh flowers and fruits, and water bottles are best.

There are countless ways to redecorate your kitchen for selling purposes. Property stylists help you pick the right ideas.