I Can’t Believe How Many Options There Are!

Yesterday I tagged along with the HH to Home Depot and while he was loading up on supplies for the fireplace, I wandered over to the bathroom {kitchen?} tile section and spotted a tile I think would look marvlous,  absolutely marvelous on the bathroom floor. 

I love it so much that I should probably go and measure my bathroom and run back and swoop up all the tile I’ll need in case they discontinue it or something. 

Note to self:  It’s called Bianco starlite polished and it’s marble. 

I also swung by the window covering section but didn’t see anything I was crazy about. And those prices… whoa Nellie! I kind of think a roller shade might be nice for the kitchen… but maybe I should wait until we have the whole thing done first before I start worring about it. 

Once the HH was done making his decisions over in the tile section, we started to make our way to the front to checkout. On the way there, we passed by the appliance section and then wandered into where the kitchen cabinets were and HOLY CANOLIES PEOPLE…

We had no idea there were so many choices when it came to cabinet design! Seriously, we were like kids in a candy store oogling and pulling all the drawers and cabinets open to see what was behind them. 

Did you know they make pull out drawers that will hold DOUBLE the amount of silverware? I suppose the top drawer is for everyday silverware and then you can just slide it back and fill the bottom one with all the oddball bits. How cool is that? 

Five pull out drawers in 1 cabinet! I have no idea what I would use this for but it sure is cool. Maybe casserole dishes and fancy platters? I don’t know but now that I’ve seen it, I think I need it. 

Talk about some serious organization! 

This pull out drawer was kind of clever too. And while I like the idea of a spot for all the spatulas, I’m not sure what I would put on the awkwardly small lower shelves. 

A pull out trash bin drawer. Outstanding

And last but not least… check out this pull out pantry drawer. Another great solution for a tight space. 

I guess we have a little more research to do before we finalize our kitchen cabinet plans. We seriously had no idea all these options were available. It kind of makes me wonder what else we’re missing. 

Here’s to a happy and productive day. {A high of 60° is predicted for today!}



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