Monday, Christmas aftermath

 We had a lovely Christmas here.  I felt bad for Hub's mom who also got the stomach bug, Christmas eve.  She hardly ate anything at dinner and by the time all the kids left was curled up on the sofa under a blanket.  Her temp was 101.4. 

Hub's, had me up at about 1:30 Christmas morning as he could not sleep, he was worried about his mom. I checked on her and took her a glass of ice water, her fever had broken, and she was sweating.  She did get sick a little later, but all was well Christmas day, she was just very careful about what she ate.  So far, I have been spared.

Christmas eve the girls came in about 2:00 and helped cook the large meal and then they helped with the cleanup.  I also told them to get the front room cleaned up after B and her family opened presents. Proving to myself I can delegate, and I was not going to do all the work. There of course were massive leftovers, which I had daughter take, as she was having Nate's family Christmas day.  SO, I did not have to deal with all of that.

I had to speak in church on Sunday, which added to my list of have to dos. But that went off well and I spent yesterday napping, and eating all the leftovers that daughter had not taken. Tonight, I will have to cook, but I am thinking of a cream of mushroom soup with asparagus, just sounds nummy and I need to use up the cream.

I received many beautiful things that were needs which always pleases me.  We needed new silverware as our set is 11 years old and I don't think I have even one original teaspoon.  I don't know where silverware goes, but it must be like socks, there is a zone for lost things. I also got another set of covered bowls which I love.  As much cooking as I do for others, I am always short on these.  I have my set labeled both the bowl and the lid and they always come back, but an extra set will be lovely. I also wanted a new set of nice crystal glasses as my set is down to 6. So, it is hard to set a table. It is always nice to get things you will use and need, and I love that.

Here is a picture and hub's and I and Schmill's lighting the outdoor tree.  There was a breeze, so we had a hard time keeping the tree lit, but it sure was beautiful while it was. Notice the Swedish apron and the sweaters, traditional holiday garb.  Schmills is holding his beloved remote-control snake that I gave him for Christmas, he had more fun with that creepy thing. Little boys are a hoot.

My eldest gave me a really nice set of china covers for Christmas so I can pack away my Christmas china and I will really use those.  Such a nice gift.

I am happy Christmas is over, are you?  This was just a very hard Christmas season for me, with so much sadness.  It was hard to capture the spirit.  I keep in contact with my nephew, and he seems to be doing well.  He is in my prayers constantly.

I spoiled my son in laws because, gosh I love them. The girls say I like them better than them, and that might be true at times.  But they are such an immense help to me. Anything I ask they just do for me and Hubs.  They are a real blessing.

The shop seems to be busy today which is nice as I really do need to make money and get to work again. We have alot of things to pay off in the New Year.

I am going to start to take down Christmas today.  I know it is early, but I just want my house back.  I won't take it all down, but I especially want to do the dining room. I really need to pack things away better, as the garage is full.   I have three very large suitcases in the garage that I am going to take to good will to free up more room. I also think packing things more carefully will help with the storage problem.

Are any of you relieved that Christmas is over or is it just me?  When do you take down Christmas at your house?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.