No Cook Keto Meals – How To Eat Keto Without Cooking – recipes and ideas to make it easier to follow a low carb Ketogenic Diet when you can’t or don’t want to cook. 

No Cook Keto Meals
There may be loads of reasons for why you’re looking for no cook keto meals. You may be travelling and don’t have access to a kitchen, it may be too hot to cook or you just may have had a ridiculously busy day, you want to stay on plan but the last thing you feel like doing is cooking a keto compliant meal. 

As you’ll see, you have loads of choice for meals and snacks that are keto friendly and require little to no prep work. 
Keto Without Cooking – Drink Your Meal!

Now I’m not talking alcohol here! You may find that a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, along with a teaspoon of added healthy fats like MCT Oil, Coconut Oil, or Butter may just fill you up instead of cooking up a whole meal. 

Another option is to whip up a smoothie. You can add keto friendly berries, cream, almond milk and a scoop of low carb protein powder and you have a drinkable meal. 

If you’re travelling, you could take a travel sized blender or just a protein shaker and buy almond milk on the go to make an instant protein shake. 
Berries and Cream

Through my Keto Diet Journey, I enjoyed a bowl of berries and whipped cream most days. It’s an easy, almost instant snack and one that I’ve also easily had while travelling. 

Stick to a handful of berries and a generous portion of whipped cream and it’s the perfect snack or dessert without cooking. 
Chia Pudding

A tiny bit of prep is required to mix together a chia pudding, but once you’ve mixed it together, the fridge does all the work at thickening it over time. 

Then, you have a nourishing dish waiting in the fridge for you. I often make a chia pudding in the morning while travelling and then I have a meal ready for when I get back from a day of sightseeing. They also make a great breakfast for dinner option when you know you’ll be too busy to cook anything when you get home. 

You could also simply enjoy a bowl of low carb yoghurt with berries and a bit of stevia mixed through for sweetness. 
Keto Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce can be used to make easy no cook keto meals. Here are some ideas for Keto Lettuce Wrap fillings: 
Tuna and Pesto (as pictured above)  Rotisserie or leftover roast chicken Smoked salmon and cream cheese or mayo Hard boiled eggs mixed with mayo or sour cream Cooked beef or deli meats  Salad Ideas

There are lots of keto salads which take little to no prep and can be enjoyed as meal. Here are some ideas: 
Tuna Salad – with spinach, avocado, sour cream or mayo and feta. (Here’s a tuna salad recipe.) Chicken Salad – leftover cooked chicken or rotisserie chicken with spinach, lettuce, avocado, tomatoes and any other veggies you like.  Egg Salad – hard boiled eggs, sour cream or mayo, avocado, spinach and feta Broccoli Salad – chopped broccoli with lemon, sour cream or mayo and grated cheese  Parmesan Salad – simply fill a bowl with spinach or another leafy green and top it with big pieces of shaved parmesan, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice and salt/pepper to taste. (Here’s the full recipe.) Pesto Salad – chopped vegetables, pesto and nuts or edamame beans  Keto On The Go – No Cook Meal Box Ideas

You could fill a lunch box with keto friendly items to enjoy a meal on the go or have it waiting in the fridge for when you get home. Here are loads of ideas for instant items to keep on hand or to seek out while out and about to put together a no cook meal: 
Ready cooked meats – like rotisserie chicken, salami, deli meat, jerky, biltong or meat sticks Nuts – almonds, cashews, macadamias, pine nuts, pecans, peanuts Cheese – grated, feta, brie, goats cheese 90% Dark Chocolate Vegetables – spinach, avocado, cucumber, celery, peppers, tomatoes Jarred antipasti – olives, artichokes, pickles Dressing – mayo, sour cream, plain natural yoghurt for a creamy dressing or extra virgin olive oil/lemon for more of a vinaigrette.   Hard Boiled Eggs 

There are loads of ways to enjoy hard boiled eggs as no cook keto meals. I regularly hard boil a saucepan full of eggs to keep in the fridge to enjoy as a no cook snack or to turn into almost instant devilled eggs. (Here are 2 ingredient devilled eggs – couldn’t be easier to make!) 

You could also make a quick egg salad by mixing chopped hard boiled eggs with mayo, sour cream or plain natural yoghurt. Then just enjoy the egg salad as is or use it to fill lettuce cups or in a full salad with spinach, avocado and feta. 

I’ve also seen ready hard boiled eggs at supermarkets that you can buy to eat instantly on the go. 
Tuna or Smoked Salmon

I may be strange, but I can quite happily eat tuna straight from the tin! You may prefer to remove from the tin and mix the tuna with mayo, sour cream or avocado for an almost instant snack. 

You could also mix tuna and hard boiled eggs together for a massive protein rich snack. (Here’s the recipe!) 

There are other instant fish/seafood options – you can have a look at the canned tuna aisle for other choices like mackerel, salmon or sardines. 

Of course there’s also smoked salmon which you can enjoy straight from the package or make roll ups with cream cheese. 
Fast Food Options

I tend to avoid fast food and cook myself as much as possible. But, it does happen from time to time that I’m out an need a no cook option while out – by letting someone else cook for me! 

I have a whole blog post about Keto Fast Food Options, but briefly, my go to options are either a bunless burger, cooked chicken from Nandos, burrito bowl, Japanese (as pictured above) or a salad bowl. 
Meat and Cheese Platter 

You could also keep loads of meat, cheese and other keto friendly options in your fridge to put together a meal platter.

The above two plates I enjoyed while travelling in Amsterdam. I bought a few different meat, cheese, fruit and veg options, kept them in the fridge and then enjoyed a different plate full each day. 

So, I hope this blog post has given you loads of inspiration for no cook keto meals. There are loads of options to choose from when you just can’t cook but want to enjoy a tasty low carb meal without going off plan. 
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