Planning the Perfect Mothers Day Seafood Brunch

With Mothers Day right around the corner, its likely youre wondering what to do for your mom (or your kids mom) on her special day. As a seafood lover, youre in luck and so is mom. Preparing seafood is a decadent and memorable way to celebrate your love. So why not throw a seafood brunch? With the right preparation and planning, throwing a brunch can be way less stressful than trying to throw a dinner party. And with, you can have fresh, sustainably-produced seafood delivered straight to your door. We even offer gift cards. so you have the perfect gift in hand! In Part 1 of our Mothers Day brunch series, we have pulled together pro tips from professional party planners to help you throw a seafood brunch that your mom will never forget. Look for Part 2: Mother's Day Seafood Brunch Recipes for tasty ideas coming next week!

Mother's Day Seafood Brunch

Planning Mother's Day Brunch - Ideas and Tips
Brunch Ideas - Seafood, Traditional and Kid-Friendly Dishes
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Planning Mothers Day Brunch - Ideas and Tips

Why is aMothers Day brunchthe perfect way to celebrate? Because a brunch lets you honor the mother figures in the comfort of your own home, and even small kids can participate in the party-planning process. And when it comes time to eat, kids and adults alike will certainly enjoy the cuisine, and youll have plenty of hands on deck to help with the clean-up! Check out what the experts have to say about what makes a great Mothers Day, plus some tips on planning your Mothers Day brunch with seafood.

What Makes a Great Mother's Day?

For moms of all stripes, brunch is a perfect way to spend time with the people mom loves most: her kids, family and cherished friends. Aside from great company, what makes for a great Mothers Day hinges on two factors: moms personal culinary tastes, and whether or not shes the mother of small children. If youre celebrating a mom with young kids, use brunch as an opportunity to let her sleep in and have the day off kid duty, cooking and cleaning. Incorporate an activity kids and adults can enjoy, like crafts, a picnic or conversation starters (see our pro tips listed below), and have the kids help with the brunch preparations. If youre planning a Mothers Day brunch for a mom whose kids are grown, you can celebrate adult-style -- with great eats and good old-fashioned brunch cocktails. In addition to brunch, honor mom with a special gift shell use, like a gift card. And heres our final pro tip: mom is not allowed to lift a finger to cook or clean on Mothers Day!

What and How Should You Plan for the Mothers Day Meal?

Here is what the party-planning pros have to say about planning a memorable, stress-free Mothers Day brunch:

  • Plan a mix of dishes. Part of the beauty of brunch is the smorgasbord of food; this is no time to skimp. To save time and stress, be sure to include foods you can prepare ahead of time, like fruit salad, pastries, muffins, or casseroles; if you're making pancakes or other baked goods for brunch, make the batter the day before. You can heat up pre-made dishes in the oven day-of, filling the house with the aroma of Mothers Day brunch. Keep food warm in the oven (at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit) until a few minutes before guests arrive.
  • Prep the day before. The day before Mother's Day, complete all your shopping (and take the kids with you so mom gets some time to herself). Don't forget to buy flowers! Also, go ahead and set the table with silverware and a centerpiece suited to mom's aesthetic tastes. Set up any "stations" your guests might use (ie. coffee, boozy drinks, condiments and hors doeuvresstations). To make your brunch preparations go smoothly the morning of Mother's Day, make a list of things you need to do in the morning, like making coffee, heating up the pre-made dishes, and preparing the brunch seafood dishes.
  • If you're cooking for small children, have a trusted go-to on the menu. The kids might enjoy brunch seafood, or they might abhor it. To be on the safe side, have something on hand that you know the kids will like, like breakfast cereal or waffles.
  • To prompt conversation, use this DIY trick: Incorporate handwritten note cards into the table decor, complete with questions like "What is something you appreciate about your mom?" or "What does Mother's Day mean to you?" Even young children can get into the conversation.

Brunch Ideas - Seafood, Traditional, and Kid-Friendly Dishes

Here are a few Mothers Day brunch seafood ideas, along with traditional, non-seafood options and kid-friendly ideas, to get you started party planning. Weve categorized these brunch ideas by the type of party you might be planning. Use this list as a resource for your menu planning, and check out Part 2 -- Mother's Day seafood brunch ideasnext week -- for some actual seafood brunch recipes. Also, did we mention that sells gift cards? Have fun on moms special day!

Brunch Seafood for Adventurous Adults

Here are some traditional dishes with a seafood twist that are appropriate on occasions like Mothers Day when those in attendants are adults with an adventurous palate.

Brunch Ideas for Traditional Celebrations

Create variety for your Mothers Day brunch guests by including a few traditional dishes. Some of the most popular, time-tested brunch ideas are:

Kid-Friendly Brunch Ideas

If youre celebrating brunch with small children (or picky eaters of any age), consider dishes that kids will easily recognize:

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