Small dishwashers that fit in almost any kitchen

Keep it all clean with a small footprint. (Brooke Lark via Unsplash /)
If your apartment comes with a dishwasher, you feel like you won the lottery. No more long nights or gross sponges, trying to avoid dirty dishes in your sink. But if it doesn’t, you still have a few options. Luckily for those without a built-in one, you have a few small, portable dishwashers available for purchase. Here are our favorite ones in the market right now.

Space conscious choice. (Amazon/)
If you have space on your counter, this portable dishwasher can be a game changer in your kitchen. About the size of a small TV at 21 inches in width, this dishwasher does the job by easily connecting to your kitchen faucet. The package comes with everything you’ll need to hook it up and keep your kitchen clean every night. With six wash cycles, you can get your whole dinner plates set in there along with your silverware. While it doesn’t have a dry cycle, it’s still very efficient at getting those leftovers off the plate so all you have to do is dry them as you put them up.

No hookup needed. (Amazon/)
Sometimes you just need a hand with dishes, but don’t have the space to set up with the kitchen faucet. This compact dishwasher is a workhorse—it comes with a water tank that you can use in lieu of a kitchen faucet hookup. It fits up to 12-inch dishes and it has five wash programs, including a fruit wash. Yes, you read that right. It comes with a fruit basket so you can pack it with your veggies and fruits that need to be washed. The rapid wash gives you clean dishes in just 40 minutes. The baby care cycle uses steam to sanitize everything quickly while you tend to other tasks. It’s budget-friendly and an energy saver all in one.

Easiest to move around. (Amazon/)
This stainless steel dishwasher on wheels goes where you need it to go. With a capacity of eight place settings, six wash settings, and even a reminder to refill your detergent, it’s a good addition to your kitchen. This unit is Energy Star-certified so you can save your pennies while you keep your kitchen clean. The adjustable top rack can also fit larger plates and pots as needed. It’s as close as you’ll get to the efficiency of a real built-in dishwasher, but with the benefit of portability. All you need is proximity to your kitchen faucet.

Affordable but powerful. (Amazon/)
If you’re on a budget, this Farberware countertop dishwasher is the perfect pick. It comes with a capacity for a six-place setting plus a cutlery basket. You have seven cleaning options to choose from, including a 45-minute quick wash. But best of all, it comes with an extra drying function following the final rinse so you don’t have to waste time drying dishes. Keep your family safe with the child lock option and spend those extra saved minutes from not having to wash dishes with them.