THAT’S where they went + proud.

Random running tangent that brings me joy—> I love it when I am running and I can hear the music/singing from the car passing by me.  It makes me happy to see someone that is REALLY enjoying life listening/singing to their favorite songs.

Seven miles @ 8:42 average pace while listening to the Bad Broadcast’s latest episode of stories people share about their ‘crazy’ moments post-breakup.  It kept my attention the entire time!

(top ((leggings, shoes, gloves, ear warmer)

I finished up with 20 minutes of upper body strength.  I CAN DO A FEW REAL PUSH-UPS WITH GOOD FORM NOW.  It only took me six weeks of consistent strength training, but I am so proud of myself.  Skye was there to witness it.

IMG 8213

She was so happy to be back to tumbling.

Her leotard took me back in time to Brookie in the same one.

For the last week or so, Andrew and I have been confused about where 80% of our silverware went.  We were just about to order some more when I opened a drawer that I never open and found a bunch of dirty silverware.  Somehow Beck must have snuck them out of the dishwasher when it was open and moved them into this drawer very quietly.

I’m impressed.

If I attempt to eat lunch when Beck is awake, I’ve learned to do it on the ground.  He feels strongly that he deserves a bite of whatever I am eating for every bite I take.

The post-lunch cookie that I enjoyed.  These are from Si (I’ve been making her recipes for years, and I LEGIT felt like I was talking to a celebrity when I was talking to her at the cookie party), and they are amazing.  They are the Swig Christmas Cookie copycat, but they are actually better than the cookie they are trying to copycat.  The peppermint bits throughout the cookie were perfect, and I want to put this frosting on every dessert I eat for the rest of the month.

Andrew took Knox to In-n-Out during lunchtime.  It had been 12 days apart!  

My sister came over and wrote a blog post that will be going up soon.  It’s all about the remodeling she has been doing the last few years.  You will be shocked.

Andrew knows the way to my heart, and he made Massaman Curry for me.

IMG 8288

Beck lays on a blanket waiting patiently for someone to pull him around.

IMG 8292

And then I tried out a new to me face mask to end the day off right.

IMG 8296


Let me know your top Christmas movie picks… I only want to watch Christmas movies for the remainder of the month, and I need to hear your favorites!

Tell me something fitness-related (big or small) that you have been proud of lately!

Ever met a celebrity or someone that felt like a celebrity to you?

Have a face mask that you love?