The 15 Best Dish Racks For Drying Your Dishe


Regardless of it being considered as unattractive kitchenware, the benefits of owning a dish rack outweigh the downside of an unaesthetic kitchen interior even if you possess a dishwasher. Be it speed drying, keeping dishes separate, or providing better drainage, there is no better alternative to a dish rack. 
You are on the right track if you are planning to have a dish rack in your kitchen because who doesn’t need one, but once you go out searching for a dish rack that would fit your sink space perfectly, will have the appropriate capacity for holding all your dishes, cutleries and glasses, you will realize that finding the right one is not as easy as it seems, since there are so many variations of dish racks in terms of size, design, and functions. But since you are already reading this article, you can set your worries aside since we have carefully gone through numerous dish racks that are available and have brought to you the reviews on only the best dish racks, so that you can find the one that is a perfect match for you.
Best Pick

The best dish rack that can be considered as an all-rounder on this list is undeniably this one from Neat-O. It offers you versatility, an optimum capacity for holding dishes, and a functional design, and durable construction that will not rust or corrode even after years of use.
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The best dish rack within a budget range on this list is the one from Sweet Home as it offers super affordability but will feature all the functions that you see in a high-end product. Being suitable for versatile use, featuring easy maintenance, and coming in a compact size, this dish rack will provide a bang for your buck.
View on Amazon Quick Comparison: Top 15 Best Dish Racks Name Weight Dimension Grade Neat-O Deluxe Chrome-plated Steel Small Dish Drainers 1.3 pounds 12.75 x 14.25 x 5.25 inches A+ Sweet Home Collection 3 Piece Dish Drainer Rack Set 3.19 pounds 10 x 10 x 10 inches A+ Surpahs Over The Sink Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack 2.04 pounds 17.5 x 13 x 0.3
B+ iSPECLE 2-Tier Dish Rack 3.9 pounds 16.6 x 10.2 x 16.1
A+ KitchenAid Full Size Dish Rack 5.99 pounds 20.08 x 14.96 x 6.69 inches A Unknown Camco 43512 Mini Dish Drainer & Tray Black 1 pound 9.25 x 11.5 x 4.75 inches A+ Simplehuman Kitchen Steel Frame Drying Swivel Spout Dish Rack 8 pounds 21.8 x 20.2 x 14.3 inches A+ Umbra 330065-744 Sinkin Drying Rack 1.82 pounds 14 x 5 x 11 inches B+ Heomo Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack 9.68 pounds 36.5 x 11.5 x 31 inches A OXO Good Grips Convertible Foldaway Dish Rack 4.7 pounds 20.2 x 13 x 4.1 inches A Bambüsi Premium Bamboo Dish Drying Rack 2.4 pounds 17.75 x 11.5 x 1.5 inches B+ Deluxe Chrome-plated Steel 2-Tier Dish Rack 4.6 pounds 17 x 13 x 13 inches A Kraus KRM Dish Drying Rack 2.43 pounds 20.5 x 12.7 x 0.38 inches B+ Simplehuman Kitchen Compact Steel Frame Dish Rack 4.1 pounds 15 x 11.9 x 7.7 inches A PremiumRacks Professional Dish Rack 4.41 pounds 17.5 x 13.9 x 6 inches A 1. Neat-O Deluxe Chrome-plated Steel Small Dish Drainers View on Amazon
If simplicity and functionality are what you are looking for in your dish rack, then this would be a dish rack that you should not miss out on. This one does not have any excessive frills and comes in a neat, sleek design with a chrome finishing. Due to its simple and compact design, it can be easily fit inside the sink.

The slots for the holding the plates are spacious enough to make room for thick plates or plates with a little bit of depth. Moreover, you can fit in more than 8 plates at a time in these slots.

Other than that, there is a separate holder for the utensils, knives, and cutleries, which can be secured onto the rack and be taken apart for cleaning. It also has four holders for cups or glasses on the side. Another thing that we love about this rack is the base of the wires, which have been covered in black rubber, which gives the rack a stylish touch of style and also ensures that the rack does not scratch your countertop and the dishes and also does not slip on the counter even if it's wet. The wires of the rack have been made with stainless steel that has been plated with chromium, which makes them extremely resistant to rust and corrosion.
Pros Simple and compact design allows it to stand outside the sink as well as to be fitted inside the sink The wires are made of stainless steel that has been plated with chromium which increases its resistance against rust and corrosion There is a separate plastic compartment for holding cutleries and knives, which can be fitted onto the rack and also be removed for cleaning The slots on the rack for holding the plates can hold more than 8 dishes at a time The base of the wires have been coated with black rubber, which prevents the wire from scratching the countertop or the plates, and also make the rack appear stylish The rack has four cup holders Cons The rack does not come with a tray or a mat for collecting the drips, which means a separate tray or a mat has to be used if you are using the rack outside the sink Check Latest Price on Amazon 2. Sweet Home Collection 3 Piece Dish Drainer Rack Set View on Amazon If you are looking for a traditional-looking dish rack that will not cost you a fortune then this one from Sweet Home Collection may just be the right one for you. 3 in 1 drainer rack includes one dish rack, one plastic caddie, and a drainboard making it a super-versatile and very useful addition in your kitchen. 
The plastic cutlery caddie comes with two dedicated spaces where one is used to storing silverware and the other is used for flatware and separates them while you are dishwashing which will ensure both your comfort as well as make it a secure dish rack.
The dish rack features an ideal dimension that comes with dedicated slots for plates, cups, and bowls. The feature we love the most in this product is the design of the drainboard. It comes with a lip that will hang slightly over the sink so you do not have to empty it manually. The water will not pool up or spill on your counter so you can use this without any worry. 
Being constructed from vinyl-wrapped wire, the dish rack does not pose the risk of rusting or chipping. Your dish rack is also scratch-proof which makes it look as good as new even after using it for an extended period. 
As for the maintenance of the product, you just have to clean the dish rack with a damp cloth. It does not require any additional care so you do not need to invest extra time behind its maintenance.
Pros The product is super affordable but offers all the features you desire from a premium quality product The dish rack is ideal for the kitchen which is smaller and has limited counter space It fits perfectly in the nook of the sink as it features a compact size Cons It may not be one of the sturdier options offered by the market It might not be the ideal dish rack for larger families who needs to wash and place many dishes, cups, and bowls Check Latest Price on Amazon 3. Surpahs Over The Sink Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack View on Amazon If you are running low on counter space and have a really small kitchen, then Surpahs with their roll-up dish drying rack is the solution to all your problems. Being easy to set up and saving up a great deal of space, you can use this just over your sink to ensure super-fast drying of your dishes. Featuring a sophisticated warm gray color, the product easily complements the interior of your kitchen. 
Being made from superior quality food-grade silicone that is FDA approved and is wrapped with stiff metal steel rods which gives the rack its added strength and durability. 
Moreover, the dish drying rack is rust-resistant meaning it will always look as good as new. In addition to being sturdy, the stainless steel racks are non-slip and glassware friendly. Moreover, offering super easy cleanup processes it is also oil-resistant.
The feature that we loved the most is that it is heat resistant and can withstand temperatures as high as 400°F (204°C) and this very feature makes it versatile as it can be used as a heat resistant trivet mat on the countertop.
Pros It can be easily and conveniently stored when not in use It is backed by a full lifetime warranty that will further boost the durability of the product It is the most ideal dish drying rack for small kitchens as it takes up a really small area that too over your sink It is dishwasher safe which means it does not involve any complex cleanup procedures Cons You need to keep the dimensions of the rack in mind as it does not fit all sinks especially the wider ones It will block your sink area when you will be using it which may cause inconvenience around the kitchen It features a small capacity and may not be the ideal one for families who need to dry a lot of dishes daily Check Latest Price on Amazon 4. iSPECLE 2-Tier Dish Rack View on Amazon If you belong from a family with many members or you simply wash many dishes at once and want them to dry fast, there is no better alternative than this double-tier dish rack from iSPECLE. The dish rack saves your countertop space but can the 2 layers make it ideal for maximum storage of dishes. The top layer can effectively hold 17 plates and pots and the bottom layer can store 18 bowls. 
The rack is not restricted to storing plates, pots, and bowls only. You can also store other utensils in the side cutlery rack. Not only that, the other side is ideal for storing cutting boards as well.
The dish drying rack is made of 304 stainless steel that further boosts its durability and resists rust like a champion. The kitchen rack moreover features a square tube and “H” shaped design that ensures stability and added strength of the product.
The feature that we loved the most in this product is that it comes with adjustable feet that can be altered to place on uneven surfaces and maintain proper balance, making it safer to use. Not only that, but the rack also features 3 water trays at the bottom to catch the excess water from the dishes which is detachable and will not spill over your countertop.
Pros The dish rack can effectively hold up to 110 lbs meaning that you can place heavier dishes in this as well It offers a super easy and simple installation process that requires only a few minutes saving up a lot of your time You can wipe off any visible rust marks as it in reality it is a water scale Cons It might be a bit difficult to fit under some kitchen cabinets due to the height of it Check Latest Price on Amazon 5. KitchenAid Full Size Dish Rack View on Amazon If you are looking for a dish rack that will give an aesthetic look to your kitchen then you should definitely go for the dish rack from KitchenAid as it features a very sleek and attractive design. Being ideal for drying full-sized pots and pans, this is the best one offered by the market especially targeting regular cooks. Additionally, the larger capacity of the rack has enough room to store plates, bowls, and cups. 
The dish rack comes with a self-draining board that is designed in such a way that will never spill water on your countertop or pool in the rack and will remove the excess water by directly running off in the sink. 
Featuring a large capacity, the rack is made up of premium quality brushed stainless steel material that is rust-resistant and comes with a satin coating, giving a posh touch to it. The feet of the rack is soft so that it does not scratch your countertop.
Together with the removable flatware caddy and the flexibility to detach all the parts, this offers a super easy cleanup process and is recommended that you hand wash it when required.
Pros The product is backed by a 1-year hassle-free replacement and a lifetime limited warranty so that you can make a worry-less purchase The self-draining tray is detachable making it very easy to clean which in turn does not let bad odor build-up rust patches making it environmentally friendly You do not have to go through any complex installation process as it comes assembled It can be used to store versatile utensils as it has dedicated slots and compartments for cutlery and specialty items Cons It is not very time efficient when it comes to drying off the dishes as it takes a while for them to become dry The plates are reported to wobble as it is difficult to keep them in place in the slots Check Latest Price on Amazon 6. Unknown Camco 43512 Mini Dish Drainer & Tray Black View on Amazon The dish rack from Unknown Camco is the first mini dish drainer on our list and this is specially designed to fit RV and marine sinks. This can be your trusted friend in your studio apartment or small kitchen areas where you usually have limited countertop space. 
The sloped drain tray of the dish rack helps you avoid excess water pooling or spilling on your counters and will drain right into the sink. The raw materials used in its construction are of premium quality and are extremely heavy-duty making it perfect for rough and tough use.
Pros The drain tray can be placed on top of the rack for facilitating storage when the dish rack is not in use It has slots for heavier and bigger plates as well as for smaller ones Cons We have not come across any major downsides of this product and it was well accepted by the customers Check Latest Price on Amazon 7. Simplehuman Kitchen Steel Frame Dish Rack View on Amazon
When you start using a dish rack, the first thing you notice is that the water drips from the wet dishes so that the dishes can dry faster. But what happens to that extra water? If your dish rack does not have a tray underneath then you might be in a messy situation since your counter will be drenched in water or worse still wet your floor and cause you to slip.

Even if there is a tray, these trays usually tend to be shallow and become overflowed very fast, forcing you to be changing the trays again and again which is frustrating.

To solve this problem for once and for all this dish rack has been geared with a very innovatively designed tray which has a spout that can be swiveled to be in a convenient position so that the water from the tray is directed towards the sink and flows into the sink keeping your countertop dry and mess-free. Since the spout can be swiveled, it can be made to face out from the sides or the ends, which means you do not have to worry if the dish rack is compatible with the position of your sink. Now that is what we call a smart and thoughtful designing!

The surface of this dish rack has been covered with a special kind of material called anti-residue hydrophilic coating. What this coating does is that it prevents the building up of any form of water residues on the surface, making it dry faster. Building up of water in any kitchen area is dangerous because it is prone to promote bacterial or fungal growth and hence having a dish rack with this kind of surface can raise the food safety standards inside your kitchen.

While the middle of the rack has space where you can safely tuck away your dishes to dry, there are also three separate compartments where you can dry your knives, utensils, forks, spoons, etc. On one outer side of the rack is a row of holders where you can hang up to four wine glasses upside down, which is the ideal way for drying your wine glasses, as you would see at the counter of a posh bar. On the other outer side of the rack is a place where you can dry your cups and glasses.

Both the space for wine glasses and your regular glasses has trays that can be pulled out underneath to collect the water dripping from the glasses. While the wires are made in a thickness that gives them the desired durability, they are made of stainless steel, which prevents them from rusting even when they are in a high moisture area, like the sink. Although for knives we want the stainless steel to be razor-sharp, it is the complete opposite when it comes to the steel for the wires of a dish rack, since they come into close contact with delicate surfaces of glasses and ceramics. If the steel is sharp, they would easily scratch or crack the crockeries. To prevent this from happening, the surface of the steel wires of this rack has been softened.

Another thing that we love about this dish rack is that the height of the rack can be changed by using its feet at the four corners. If you want the whole rack to be raised a little higher from the countertop, you can do so simply by raising the feet, but you can also choose to keep the rack lowered by not using the feet.
Pros Has a spout that can be moved towards any direction to force the water from the tray to flow directly into the sink which keeps your countertop dry and free of mess The surfaces of this dish rack have an anti-residue hydrophilic coating, which prevents water droplets to build upon the surface, making the dish rack dry up faster It has three compartments for cutleries and knives which makes it easier for you to keep things organized inside the rack The rack has spaces for holding dishes, as well as wine glasses and cups The part for drying glasses and wine glasses are separate and they both have trays underneath them to collect the drips The feet can be used to raise the dish rack higher The stainless steel used to make the wires of the rack is resistant to rust, corrosion, and fingerprints The stainless steel of the rack has softened surfaces so that they do not scratch or crack the delicate glasses and dishes The rack is easy to be cleaned The walls around the main body give extra safety to prevent the large plates from falling and also makes the whole unit look elegant Cons Since the walls on the sides are not porous, there might be less aeration compared to the ones with wired walls Check Latest Price on Amazon 8. Umbra 330065-744 Sinkin Drying Rack View on Amazon The drying rack from Umbra features a very simple and basic yet sleek design which is light and not an eyesore in your kitchen. This Sinking Drying Rack will not give a clumsy look to your kitchen even when the rack is full of dishes.
The low-profile drying rack comes with a utensil and cutlery holder that can be detached or repositioned as per your desire to fulfill your individual needs. Being constructed from durable polypropylene and coated metal wire, you can use it for years without worry and look for its replacement after a few times of use only.

Moreover, the feature we loved the most in this is its amazing versatility. The rack is compatible with almost all kinds of sinks starting from standard drop-in to undermount sink to corner sink to bar sink, you name it!
Pros The sinking drying rack features non-slip rubber feet that prevent scratches on your sink and ensure greater stability It is ideal for small kitchens and holds up to 5 dinner plates along with other cutlery and utensils Cons The dimension of the sinking drying rack will need to match the dimension of your sink, otherwise, it will not fit The dish rack may not rust-resistant and may show rust patches pretty soon Check Latest Price on Amazon 9. Heomu Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack View on Amazon Heomu offers a dish drying rack that is suitable to be mounted both behind and over the sink that helps you free up a lot of counter space. This is yet another double-layered drying dish rack that is perfect for drying the maximum of dishes but not requiring a lot of space. 
The versatile use of this is what is our favorite feature in this product as you have dedicated slots and compartments for drying utensils, cutting boards, flatware, pots and pans, chopsticks, and all the necessary regular cookware that you use around in the kitchen. 

Not only cookware, but you can also store sponges, soaps, and food containers on it, making it a multifunctional addition in your kitchen.

The 304 stainless steel body gives the dish rack an added strength and resists rust like a champ. To ensure better stability, the rack comes with anti-slip pads on the feet that will not allow any scratches on the countertop and will keep the rack in position. On the other hand, the assembly of the product is very easy and will only require a maximum of 15 minutes.
Pros The product is backed by a 12-month customer support warranty It can hold and dry up to 20 dishes and 32 bowls at one go It features an adjustable width that allows you to move from 36.5 inches to as long as 39 inches, depending on the space you will be setting it up in Cons It may not be placed over any sink as the lengths must be compatible Check Latest Price on Amazon 10. OXO Good Grips Convertible Foldaway Dish Rack View on Amazon
This dish rack from OXO might remind you of the Transformers and you would know why once you know how much it can fold and unfold, to change itself to the form that you find to be most convenient at a given situation.

This innovative designed dish rack has plate holders, which can be folded upwards to make slots for your plates, or be folded down flat, which allows you to use the same space for holding bigger cookware such as pots and pans. The rack has two rows of stemware holders on each side, which you can use to dry your cups, water glasses, and wine glasses. 

It also comes with two clear plastic containers for your cutleries and kitchen knives which can be taken apart and be washed in the dishwasher. Each of the containers is also divided into three segments to keep your cutleries organized, for example, you can easily separate the forks, knives, and spoons, by keeping them in separate compartments.  

Another thing that we find to be practical in the design of the utensil holder is that it has a porous base, which prevents the water to collect inside the holder. This prevents the formation of mold and also helps to dry your tableware faster.

The rack has two feet at the base of the rear end, which can be either raised to keep the rack lifted from the counter, or be folded in. The front end of the rack has a spout which will guide the direction of water flow from the rack into the sink, preventing the formation of pools on the countertop.

Although a dish rack has the image of being left beside or inside the sink, many people actually prefer to keep the dish rack stored away in their kitchen cabinet when they are not being used, to make more space on the kitchen counter. This would be a problem for the wired dish racks since there is no compact way to store them. But this rack is an exception. By folding in the plate holders, the two rows of stemware holders on the sides, the spout, and the rear feet, you can reduce the total size of the rack by 46% and fit it snugly in your cabinet.

As for the quality of the materials and the appearance, OXO has always maintained its good reputation, and it has been no different this time as well. The whole dish rack looks contemporary with white, grey and chrome accents, Although much of the body has been made of plastic, it is very sturdy and well-built to provide a high durability.
Pros It has many parts that can be folded in to reduce the size by 46% which allows for a very compact storage The plate holder slots can be flattened down to make space for bigger bowls and pans There are two rows for stemwares where you can dry cups and glasses The rack comes with two utensil holders, each of which is divided into three compartments to organize your cutleries The rack has a spout which can direct the water to flow into the sink It has a contemporary design There are two foldable feet at the rear base which can raise the rack onto the countertop Cons Since the body is made of plastic, it should not be overloaded with heavy items like stoneware The base is not slanted so you might need to tilt the body for all the water to flow out of the spout Check Latest Price on Amazon 11. Bambüsi Premium Bamboo Dish Drying Rack View on Amazon This is the first dish rack in our list that features a bamboo wooden body which not only makes this an environmentally friendly choice but also is safe for human health. Being constructed from 100% natural wood that has the authentic wooden color can easily be washed using water and mild soap when necessary. 
The dish drying rack has a dedicated compartment for cups which is at the bottom and has 14 slots in the upper tier that can fit full-size dinner plates in an upright position. Together with the strength of the raw material and the X-shape that it features, the dish drying rack provides maximum sturdiness.

In addition to all these amazing features, the natural classy outlook of the rack is not subject to rust or will not tarnish with use. It also is effective in not storing odor and is completely scratch-proof.
Pros The dish drying rack is ideal for any kitchen interior- be it rustic or contemporary Ideal for people who feel responsible for the environment as it is one of the greenest options out there The dish rack can effectively resist bacteria and odor like a winner Cons Since it features a wooden body, it requires greater maintenance It does not have any dedicated slot or compartment to store the silverware It can be folded flat when not in use which makes it pretty easy to store as it does not take up a lot of space Check Latest Price on Amazon 12. Deluxe Chrome-plated Steel 2-Tier Dish Rack View on Amazon
This two-storied dish rack from Neat-O is not only functional but also is a work of art. The wire racks are made of stainless steel with a chromium plating, which gives it a shiny, polished look and also shields it from rust and corrosion.

The upper rack is held securely by two beautiful rings on the sides, which makes the whole unit appear fashionable. Along one side of the rack is a row of stemware holders where you can neatly hang your wine glasses or champagne glasses. 
The utensil holder of this dish rack has two compartments and can be detached from the rack for cleaning. The black drainer tray that goes underneath the rack collects the drippings and its wide spout makes the water flow into the sink. Pros The rack is two-storied, which gives you more space and keeps the different items organized The rack has an artistic design which adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen décor The drainer tray directs the flow of water into the sink The utensil holder of this rack can be detached for cleaning The rack has a row of wine glass holders Cons Some users might not want to assemble the parts on their own Check Latest Price on Amazon 13. Kraus KRM Dish Drying Rack View on Amazon Made from high-quality stainless steel, the dish drying rack from Kraus KRM has been another of our favorites. It is another roll-up sink dish drying rack that is super-effective when it comes to saving counter space and the super sturdy design prevents any warping or bending even when heavy cookware is placed on it. It can hold a weight of up to a 12-quart stockpot full of water. 
Featuring a soft BPA-free silicone coating, the cookware that you will be placed on it will be cushioned and will help handle them delicately, ensuring maximum food-safe surface. Since its construction does not involve the use of any harmful toxins, you will not be subject to any toxic chemicals reaching your system.
Moreover, the dish drying rack is also heat safe and can withstand a temperature as high as 400° C, and can be used as a non-slip trivet for hot pans or placing baking pans straight out of the oven. Pros It has a multipurpose use as you can use this as a strainer for washing and rinsing vegetables like capsicum, tomatoes, and cabbage The silicone coating also protects against rust and features a non-slip surface, allowing the dishes to stay in place The roll-up dish drying rack is easy to store and offers a super-easy cleaning procedure Cons It blocks the sink area when you will be using this The rack is too small for larger families who require drying several dishes Check Latest Price on Amazon 14. Simplehuman Kitchen Compact Steel Frame Dish Rack View on Amazon We have selected another product from the brand Simplehuman but this time it is a compact version of the former which was a full-sized dish rack. The compact dish rack comes with an innovative drainage system that prevents water from spilling on the counter area, rather has an integrated drip tray with a swivel spout which allows the excess water to run directly into the sink.  
Moreover, the tray features an anti-residue hydrophilic coating that prevents the drips from building up and speeds up its drying time. The tray can further be pulled out to catch the drips of the cups and not just the dishes.

To keep your dishes scratch-free and chip-proof, the slots of the rack are cushioned with soft steel wire that features a coating so that it does not rust. Not only is the product rust-resistant but also prevents any form of discoloration and will outlast most of its competitors.

Last but not least, this small but mighty product comes with optional feet attached at the bottom just in case you want to increase the height of your dish rack.
Pros The product is backed by a 5-year warranty so you get the manufacturer’s word for its longevity The rack comes with separate dedicated compartments for utensils that will make your dish rack look neat and organized The stainless steel body resists smudges and is fingerprint-proof which helps retain its shine Cons It might not be an ideal choice for those who are on a budget Check Latest Price on Amazon 15. PremiumRacks Professional Dish Rack View on Amazon
If you have been wasting your money by spending it on cheap dish racks that do not work as expected or breaks easily, then it is high time you say goodbye to those and go premium with this dish rack from PremiumRacks.

As the name suggests, this is one of the higher-end dish racks on our list and also one of the most versatile. It has a modular construction, which gives you a lot of flexibility in the way you arrange or customize the dish rack. Unlike the other racks, this rack can be turned into a powerful double-decker by installing the top shelf unit onto the bottom shelf.

The top wire rack has slots for holding the plates which are the most space-consuming of all the other items and moving the plates to the top shelf opens up a lot of space in the bottom shelf for other items like bowls and saucers.

The top rack can not only be installed but also be made to fit on n left, right, front or back side of the rack, or be removed when you do not need it. The rack has a space for drying your cutting board as well, which is something you do not find in all dish racks. There are three attachments for holding your cups and glasses, and since they come as detachable holders, you can fit them in any place on the rack.

This rack is also a life-saver for everyone who uses expensive kitchen knives and drying them along with the spoons and forks in the utensil holder does not seem like an appealing option. This dish rack has a designated holder with slots for six knives with narrow blades and three knives with wide blades. Even if you do not need a separate knife holder, you will find this compartment very useful for storing objects like sponges since the upper part of this compartment with the knife slots can be taken apart.

The rack also has a spacious utensil holder which is divided into three parts organize all your tableware. This holder has been designed with pores at its base so that the utensils can dry out quickly. Without a proper drainage and water collection at the bottom, a dish rack is almost useless and this rack shows that PremiumRacks knows this very well, since they provide two drip trays with different designs and a microfiber mat with this rack. One of the trays can be used to collect the water while the other one has an opening so that the water can flow directly into the sink, without creating any pools or puddles on your kitchen table.

The other mat, which is made of microfiber, can be used as a drying mat to dry delicate glassware. The stainless steel parts of this rack are made of grade 304 stainless steel, which has an 18% chromium and 8% nickel content, resists corrosion and rust even in areas with a high salt and acidity content in the air.
Pros The rack comes with a modular construction so if you can customize it in a number of different ways The rack comes with a detachable upper wire rack which can hold multiple plates and can be secured onto any side of the bottom rack The rack has a separate knife holder with designated slots for the knives The rack comes with a spacious utensil holder, which has been divided into three parts The cup holder attachment can be removed or attached to any part of the rack The rack is made of very durable stainless steel with a high chromium content The rack comes with two kinds of drainer trays and a microfiber mat Cons
Having to attach and detach the parts might seem like a hassle to some users Check Latest Price on Amazon Dish Towels Vs. Drying Dish Rack  Even though it may seem like a more viable option to pick up a dishtowel and dry your dishes when you think about installing a dish drying rack in your kitchen especially if you have a small kitchen, there are some downsides to this choice. 
Using a dishtowel is a more unhealthy option and less sanitary compared to drying your dishes in a dish rack. This is because it is very easy to wet the dish towel while you are drying your dishes which may readily become the house of many harmful bacteria that will eventually spread to your dishes. 
However, your dish rack will not be a hygienic option for you if you do not keep it clean. Also, it is not like dish racks will kill bacterias but they sure hinder the spread of it. In order to do so, you should maintain your drying dish rack by cleaning and drying it regularly between use, otherwise, the drip tray may start to smell and you will soon observe rust patches on it which is not food-safe.
Things to Consider Before Buying Best Dish Rack Inside the Sink or Outside 
Many people like to keep their dish rack inside the sink while many people tend to leave it beside the sink, on the countertop. There are also households where they already have a dishwasher and dish racks are only taken out of the cabinet and used when there is something that cannot be washed in the dishwasher and hence needs to be cleaned by hand washing. If you want to keep your dish rack inside the sink, then you need to find a size that will fit your sink.

f you want to keep the rack just outside your sink then you would intuitively want the water that drips from the dishes to drain into the sink, since otherwise, that water would be making pools and puddles on your countertop. For this reason, it is important to look for racks with a proper drainage mechanism, for example, with spouts that direct the water into the sink or sloped drainage tray that makes the water to flow into the sink.
Robust/ Sophisticated 
We would not say that a dish rack can get so sophisticated that there is an electric system that blow dries the dishes since there are dishwashers for that purpose but nowadays there are dish racks that can be more than just a rack made of steel wire. Many racks on our list are made of modular components that can be attached or detached and have foldable parts that can change the structure and functionality of the rack.

If you are the type of person who likes to have the freedom to customize their racks, then you can go for the sophisticated types, for example, the ones from OXO and PremiumRacks. But if you are more the type of person who does not want to fiddle around with their kitchen gadgets and are looking for something that is simple and reliable, then you can go for the more robust ones from Neat-O.
The two most commonly used material when it comes to making a dish rack is plastic and stainless steel. While plastic ones have the advantage of not rusting and being more versatile, they have two major drawbacks. The first one is that plastic parts are more prone to attracting grimy residues that come from the leftovers on your dishes and hence is harder to clean if you let the dirt to accumulate on the rack for a long time.

Plastic racks, especially the cheaper types can crack if you put too many dishes or put heavy items on the rack. Hence it is very important to make sure that the plastic rack that you are going to buy has a high durability and can be cleaned easily. If you are opting for the stainless steel ones, make sure they are chrome plated or are made from food-grade stainless steel like grade 18/8 which has sufficient resistance to rusting.
Size and Capacity
Before buying a dish rack, you have to have a good idea of how much space you have beside or inside your kitchen sink depending on where you want to place your dish rack. A bigger dish rack does not mean a dish rack with a higher capacity and this also needs to be taken into consideration. If you have a small space on your counter but have a lot of plates, something that you can do is to go for the two-tiered dish racks which will be taller than the one-tiered racks but will help you to make extra space for your dishes. Another thing to think about is which item you have the most.

Do you use many plates, many cups, or is it the utensils that take up most space in your rack? Different racks come with different capacities for each type of item and having a good idea of the distribution of kitchen items will help you make the right choice of dish rack fitting to your needs.
You need to be aware that dish drying racks at present are solely not used to dry dishes like bowls and plates and have other multipurpose use as well. Most dish drying racks nowadays have separate dedicated slots and compartments for drying glassware, utensils, and cutlery. It does not stop here, some also come with hooks to neatly organize tablecloths and storing sponges and soaps. Versatility in a dish drying rack is therefore always welcomed if you want to give a neat look to your kitchen as well as dry your dishes up.
FAQ Q. How do I prevent my stainless steel dish drying rack from rusting?  You first need to understand why rusting takes place. This is because most stainless steel kitchen instruments come with a chromium oxide coating. Your dish drying rack will start to show rust marks when the layer wears off and water starts reaching the bottom. 
Rust can only be prevented by regular cleaning and keeping them as dry as possible. You should at least clean your dish rack twice a week which will not only take care of rust but will also ensure the safety of your health as you will be using clean dishes. 
Q. Is my dish drying rack safe to be washed in a dishwasher?  It is safe to wash your dish drying rack in a dishwasher regardless of what material it is made up of. However, if it is wise to clean stainless steel and wooden ones using hands as it can cause visible damages to them.
Whether you have a dishwasher or not, it is good to have a dish rack by your side so that you can keep all your kitchen items and clean, dry and free of mold. This will help you to maintain proper food hygiene at all times without having to tire yourself out by constantly wiping and cleaning dishes.

If you have found the best dish rack for your kitchen, you can hum your favorite tune and start enjoying washing your dishes as the rack will be ready by your side to hold all the dishes that you have just washed and make sure they are completely dry and organized.
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