The Best Drying Racks That Help Take the Chore Out of Dish Duty

Doing the dishes is a chore. Hardly anyone we know enjoys standing at the sink, scrubbing baked on grease from pots and pans. Beyond plunging your hands into nasty water for the next dirty dish, one of the annoyances of washing the dishes is the leaning tower you have to create on the side of your sink to ensure the dishes dry properly.

Rather than risk a pile of broken dishes on the floor, you should invest in a fit-for-purpose dish drying rack. These devices sit in or on the side of your sink and properly hold plates, cups, silverware and more for air drying with ease.

Like any essential piece of kitchen equipment, there are a variety of styles and designs for dish drying racks. These include over-the-sink options, folding options and even portable options.

Below, weve listed the seven best dish drying racks available right now. Scroll through and find the best one for your kitchen.

these drying racks take the shore out of washing the dishes