The Best Smart Kitchen Appliances To Make Home Life Easier

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It was only a matter of time before our home appliances got smart. With connected devices slowly becoming more and more standard in our daily lives, it only makes sense that smart tech would eventually come to the kitchen, too. WiFi-enabled appliances make it easier to tackle the day-to-day management of your home tasks, as a simple mobile app can let you start the dishes even when away from home or ensure your water is ice cold after a long summertime workout.

It can be overwhelming to figure out where you should begin updating your kitchen with the latest and greatest bits of smart tech. We’ve made that decision process a little easier by rounding up some of the best and most frequently used smart kitchen appliances. Specifically, we’re looking at how you store, cook, and clean up your food by highlighting smart refrigerators, microwaves, smart air fryers, smart dishwashers, and more. Don’t worry, coffee lovers. We didn’t forget you.

We’ve included the newest and most popular smart kitchen items across each segment to help you upgrade your kitchen. These smart items will save you time, peace of mind, and maybe even a little cash thanks to their energy efficiency.


The Best Smart Refrigerators


1. Samsung Bespoke Fridge


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Do fridges get more beautiful than the new Samsung Bespoke lineup? A fridge is typically the largest appliance in a kitchen; finally, it can double as a piece of art. Samsung makes it possible for customers to completely transform their kitchen with a custom-designed fridge that offers several color options and replacement panels. The French-door style fridge looks stunning and has several functional features, including a beverage center with a built-in water dispenser, a deodorizing filter, and lower storage that can be used either as a fridge or a freezer. A fridge this gorgeous is also smart, with the Bespoke line boasting WiFi capabilities that can send users helpful notifications, such as alerting them that their fridge door has been left open.

Samsung Bespoke Fridge

Buy: Samsung Bespoke Fridge Starting at $1,249.00


2. LG Smart Refrigerator with InstaView

LG’s smart refrigerator has plenty of buzzy features to get excited about, but the most notable one is their InstaView tech that lets you glimpse what’s inside your fridge with just two knocks on the panel. Now that’s a smart kitchen appliance if we’ve ever seen one. From there, it lights up and allows you to peer in without ever opening the door and thus helps to keep your food fresher for longer. Additionally, connecting the fridge to the LG SmartThinQ app sends you notifications when your door is open or when the water filter needs to be replaced. Plus, you can even pair it with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for voice control.

LG Smart Refrigerator with InstaView

Buy: LG Smart Refrigerator with InstaView $2,898.00


3. Samsung Smart Counter French Door Refrigerator

Samsung’s Smart Counter refrigerator can connect to the SmartThigns app to give you direct control over the temperature and even monitor it remotely. The french doors are an elegant touch, bolstered by a fingerprint-resistant finish that can help combat everyday smudges. Plus, the Power Freeze and Power Cool functions allow you to quickly lower the temperature of food with just the press of a button.

Samsung Smart Counter French Door Refrigerator

Buy: Samsung Smart Counter French Door Refrigerator $1,258.00


4. GE Profile Smart Refrigerator

The smart functionality of the GE Profile refrigerator allows you to ensure you have hot water on hand when you need it for the included (!) Keruig functionality. The GE Profile also lets you send a burst of cold air through the unit after you’ve opened the doors to ensure all food items stay cold. Additionally, you can use voice control to execute these commands. Other storage functionality includes a slide-down, a quick space shelf that can be tucked away when you don’t need it, and advanced water filtration.

GE Profile Smart Refrigerator 

Buy: GE Profile Smart Refrigerator $3,058.00


The Best Smart Microwaves

1. Amazon Basics Smart Microwave

Amazon’s Basics Home line often provides feature-rich products, and their smart microwave certainly falls within that category. The smaller and more compact size allows you to fit into your space without much of a hassle while still providing plenty of customization. Ten different power levels allow you to get that perfect warm temperature, and you can even use the microwave with voice control if you have an Amazon Alexa device.

Amazon Basics Smart Microwave

Buy: Amazon Basics Smart Microwave


2. GE Smart Microwave

GE’s Smart Microwave can connect to WiFi and Amazon Alexa to allow you to control functions with your voice. The device also allows you to scan the barcode of a microwave meal and essentially upload the instructions to your microwave, taking the guesswork out of making sure the food is hot enough each time. Plus, it means you can toss away that packaging without having to go and grab it out of the trash because you forgot what step came next. The compact size makes it easier to fit the GE Smart Microwave on your countertop along with all of your other trusted appliances.

GE Smart Microwave

Buy: GE Smart Microwave $199.85


The Best Smart Air Fryers, Pressure Cookers, and More


1. COSORI Smart Air Fryer

COSORI’s smart air fryer, when paired with its corresponding mobile app, provides over 100 recipes for you to use as inspiration for your air frying. Additionally, the app sends notifications and reminders to your phone to make the cooking process even easier. Plus, you can create, modify, and save your preset recipes in the app to use later on. The 13 different cooking functions also give you all kinds of easy-to-use cooking methods.

COSORI Smart Air Fryer

Buy: COSORI Smart Air Fryer $129.99


2. Proscenic T21 Smart Air Fryer

With the added WiFi connectivity in the Proscenic T21 smart air fryer, it’s now even easier to fry your favorite foods. The Proscenic app allows you to control your air fryer down to the scheduling of the cooking, adjusting temperatures, and even customizing your recipes. The three combination functions allow you to schedule your frying, adding another layer of flexibility. Plus, the detachable basket is dishwasher-safe, making cleaning a breeze.

Proscenic T21 Smart Air Fryer

Buy: Proscenic T21 Smart Air Fryer $87.72 (orig. $129.99) 33% OFF


3. NuWave Bravo XL Air Fryer

The best of both a convection oven and an air fryer, the NuWave Bravo XL air fryer allows for easy convection cooking thanks to several presets and the ability to heat up to a temperature of 450 degrees, making it easy to make pizza, waffles, or even baked goods. The included griddle plate is made from non-stick aluminum and allows for convenient grilling indoors. The included digital temperature probe will better help you figure out when your food is done so you don’t worry about overcooking, which, in our minds, is what small kitchen appliances are all about.

NuWave Bravo XL Air Fryer

Buy: NuWave Bravo XL Air Fryer $189.99


4. Instant Pot Pro Plus Wi-Fi Smart 10-in-1

It would take us less time to list the things the Instant Pot Pro Plus can’t do than what it can do. A multi-functional kitchen maverick, the Pro Plus is a pressure cooker that also acts as a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute pan, yogurt maker, warmer, and sous vide. Many customers swear by its canning abilities as well. Using the Instant Pot app, customers can access hundreds of recipes and control their Pro Plus, including setting the temperature and cook time, releasing the steam valve, and receiving alerts if their food needs attention.

Instant Pot Pro Plus Wi-Fi Smart 10-in-1

Buy: Instant Pot Pro Plus Wi-Fi Smart 10-in-1 $199.95


5. Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker

If you’re forever over or under-cooking your food, it’s time to incorporate a Sous Vide into your life. The Anova Culinary Sous Vide has a WiFi option that allows users to monitor their food on their phone, setting the temperature and cook time while also getting recipes and tips on how to best cook their dish. Like any Sous Vide, the Anova Culinary attaches to the side of a pot and heats water to the perfect temperature for cooking meat, vegetables, eggs, and more.

Anova Culinary AN500-US00 Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Buy: Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker $174.42 (orig. $219.00) 20% OFF


6. MEATER Plus

If you’re skipping the sous vide but still want your meat cooked to perfection, you need a meat thermometer. Step up your temperature game with a smart thermometer, like the one from MEATER. The Plus model has a wireless range of 165 feet, making it easy to relax inside or outside while you bake or grill. The single probe includes two sensors that allow users to monitor their meat’s internal and external temperature, with information sent wirelessly to the MEATER app. Users can set up custom alerts, and an Advanced Estimator Algorithm helps customers precisely estimate how much time their food requires to cook.


Buy: MEATER Plus $99.95


The Best Smart Dishwashers


1. LG Top Control Smart Dishwasher

The connectivity of the LG Top Control smart dishwasher means you’ll get notifications when your dishes are done and even lets you remotely start the cleaning process to make it even easier to have clean plates for dinner. Boasting all kinds of energy efficiency features, the unit uses less water and less power, so all of your dishes are squeaky clean and ready to go. Additionally, the unit has plenty of space for dishes and glasses of a variety of sizes, making this a great option for large and small families.

LG Top Control Smart Dishwasher

Buy: LG Top Control Smart Dishwasher $1,199.00


2. GE Profile Smart Dishwasher

The built-in WiFi on this smart kitchen appliance from GE allows for remote control of your dishwasher. It provides a few other features that are rather handy in saving you time, like the ability to automatically reorder detergent when you’re low or even to check the rinse level. Also, deep cleaning jets for your silverware and your bottles make those otherwise hard-to-clean items even easier to get sparkly clean.

GE Profile Smart Dishwasher

Buy: GE Profile Smart Dishwasher $1,187.00


The Best Coffee Makers and Accessories


1. Keurig K-Supreme Plus SMART Coffee Maker

We definitely don’t feel smart until we have our first cup of coffee of the day, which is why we were extra excited to test out the Keurig K-Supreme Plus SMART Coffee Maker (check out our full review here). The K-Supreme delivers one of the best tasting cups of coffee we’ve had, plus users can store up to 10 fully customized brew settings so that everyone in the home gets their cup of joe exactly how they like it. Using the Keurig app, customers can brew coffee instantly from their phone and schedule brews for a later time. There’s even a Brew Over Ice setting for iced coffee fans.

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Keurig K-Supreme Plus SMART Coffee Maker

Buy: Keurig K-Supreme Plus SMART Coffee Maker $219.99


2. De’Longhi Dinamica Plus Fully Automatic Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine

Coffee is life, right? So, make it exactly how you want it with the splurge-worthy De’Longhi Dinamica Plus Fully Automatic Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine. Sure, it may be cheaper to franchise your own Starbucks, but this baby will pay for itself in the long run, thanks to its wide range of capabilities. Save up to three user profiles when making cappuccinos, Americanos, lattes, and more. The Bluetooth-enabled coffee maker extraordinaire allows users to control the machine through their app, including scheduling their brews. We especially like the self-cleaning function on the thermal milk carafe because coffee tastes better when there isn’t any cleanup involved.

De'Longhi Dinamica Plus Fully Automatic Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine

Buy: De'Longhi Dinamica Plus Fully Automatic Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine $1,499.95


3. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

There’s no getting around it – the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug has a big price tag. But, if you like your drinks to stay hot, it’s worth the money. We’ve been using our Ember mug for six months, and it has made all the other mugs in our kitchen redundant. Customers can use the Ember app to set their preferred temperature between 120- and 145 degrees Fahrenheit. The mug will keep the liquid at the exact set temperature for up to an hour when used on its own or even longer when placed on the Ember charging coaster. No more reheating your coffee in the microwave!

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Buy: Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug $129.95


The Best Smart Accessories For Foodies


1. Ninja CREAMi

Ice creamer makers are typically a kitchen appliance that gets used a few times and then collects dust while taking up crucial storage space. That’s not the case with the Ninja CREAMi, a sleek and sophisticated ice cream maker that earns its spot on the counter. The Ninja CREAMi makes it simple to turn just about anything into ice cream, sorbet, gelato, milkshakes, smoothies, and more. Its user-friendly interface has seven preset programs, and customers can also customize their experience. Dishwasher safe for added convenience, the CREAMi is a great option for people with certain food sensitivities.

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Ninja CREAMi

Buy: Ninja CREAMi $194.99 (orig. $229.00) 15% OFF


2. AeroGarden Harvest

Most smart kitchen products offer ways to quickly and efficiently prepare food, but what about a gadget that helps people grow food? Hydroponic plant growers are continuing to increase in popularity as inflation raises the price of foods, and smart options like the AeroGarden Harvest make growing fruit, vegetables, and herbs simple. Once pods are planted in the AeroGarden, users can control timers and lights to help their crop reach full harvest up to five times faster than in a traditional garden.

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AeroGarden Harvest

Buy: AeroGarden Harvest $129.95 (orig. $164.95) 21% OFF


3. Perfect Blend PRO Smart Scale + App

Take the guesswork out of calorie counting and food measurements with the Perfect Blend PRO Smart Scale + App. Using the smart scale and its app, customers can measure the exact calorie count of the ingredients going into their smoothies. Blender pitchers can be placed directly onto the scale, and the ingredients are measured precisely so that users can hit all their nutritional needs. The Perfect Blend also comes with two convenient to-go cups.

Perfect Blend PRO Smart Scale + App

Buy: Perfect Blend PRO Smart Scale + App $99.99


4. bev by BLACK+DECKER

We were very excited when BLACK+DECKER announced their Bartesian collaboration this year, and the bev it has lived up to the hype. Like a Keurig, the bev uses barcodes on premixed cocktail pods to identify what drink is being made and instructs the machine on how to make the perfect cocktail. The smart bartender has space for five standard liquor bottles, a must-have for those who love to entertain. The liquor and the capsules, which are pre-filled with a non-alcoholic mixer that includes bitters, extracts, and real juice, are combined to make a Whiskey Sour, Sex on the Beach, and 40 more cocktails. Users can select between mocktails, light, regular or strong pours.


Buy: bev by BLACK+DECKER $299.99


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