The Iconic Cookware We Just Can’t Stop Collecting

If there’s one object in my kitchen that gets more oohs and aahs than anything else in the room, it’s my Dansk Købenstyle butter warmer. A small-scale saucepan in a warm shade of plum, it never leaves my stove except to get washed. Lest you think it serves aesthetic purposes alone, let me underline the fact that I use it every single day—no, multiple times a day. It is quite simply the prettiest little workhorse I’ve owned.

Dansk has been a familiar brand to me for a while; before I bought my first piece I'd seen pepper mills and trays in the homes of friends, and fawned over casseroles and silverware in vintage stores. The name Købenstyle, however, was less familiar to me. If you, like me, first heard the word and thought of København, you wouldn’t be remiss—these distinctive pots and pans were designed by Copenhagen-born sculptor and designer Jens Quistgaard.