The Tube Carriage Serving Up A Six-Course Tasting Menu

The inside of a vintage victoria line carriage, ready to serve dinner
Beats shovelling a Big Mac into your face while fellow commuters watch on disgusted.

Devouring hot food on the tube is a no-no — that is, unless you're at Supperclub Tube.

Since 2018, some 5000 gastronomic tube nerds have clambered aboard a refurbished 1967 Victoria line carriage parked up in Walthamstow, perched bums on moquette, and tucked into a slap up meal.

Someone taking a picture of their plate
Quality cuisine on a tube carriage: it's what Instagram was made for

Following a shaky pandemic period — in which some of us wondered if we'd ever get on a train again, let alone eat on one — we're pleased to say that Supperclub Tube is back.

In service three nights a week (Thurs-Sat), the stationary vintage carriage is based at Walthamstow Pumphouse Museum (well worth a visit in its own right), dishing up a six-course menu of Latin American cuisine, as created by Colombian head chef Beatriz Maldonado Carreño.

A man tucks into his meal on board a vintage tube carriage
Oh yeah, you can drink WINE on there too. Take that, TfL

Dishes on the menu include envuelto y esquites (sweetcorn dumpling with a smoky salad); ceviche ecuatoriano (hake and prawns cured in lime and chilli), rump of beef and roast chicken with cassava chips and balsamic glazed plantains; and Napoleon de lulo y amaretto (layers of amaretto cream and pastry).

Certainly beats shovelling a Big Mac into your face while fellow commuters watch on in horror.

Two people emerge from the front of the tube carriage
London's coolest restaurant entrance?

Speaking of which, you won't be eating off your lap — the Supperclub Tube experience includes white linen tablecloths, fine silverware, dimmed lights, and atmospheric music. As far as we know there won't be a driver mumbling something inaudible over the speaker system every two minutes, either.

Supperclub Tube, Walthamstow, Thursday-Saturday. Tickets start at £49 per head. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options are available on request.