There's always room for improvement in our kitchens

I'm not talking about decor or cooking in general, but the way our kitchen is organized. If you have a drawer full of kitchen utensils, cookbooks, and aluminum foil, it's time to give everything their own space. Wouldn't it be nice for all kitchen items to have a designated home? Easy access to spices, cleaning supplies, pots, and cutlery makes all the difference when it comes to food prep. If your kitchen organization skills don't spark joy, it's time to get organized and tidy.
5 Items That'll Make Kitchen Organization a Breeze  1. OXO Good Grips Expandable Utensil Organizer Amazon

I love OXO. Check out their avocado slicer if you haven't yet! It's truly a game-changer, and so is this utensil organizer. Who has utensils in their organizer that is way too big for it? Me! This organizer expands to accommodate silverware and gadgets of all shapes and sizes. You also have the option to remove dividers!
Under $22 2. Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Amazon

Get those kitchen cabinets organized! Don't be the victim of pots and pans falling out of your cabinets. You can definitely fit your cast iron skillet in this adjustable pan rack, along with five pans. If your cookware isn't stackable, this is perfect for your new organized kitchen. Here's an organization tip, creating vertical space gives you more cabinet space.
Under $15 3. Organizer Pantry Rack Amazon

This fits pot lids, cutting boards, cookie sheets, and most bakeware.
Under $11 4. Cabinet Spice Rack Organizer Amazon

I love steps on spice racks! Place taller spices and condiments in the back so you can read the names on smaller spice jars. Drawer organizers for spices are nice, but if you have a small kitchen, you can't afford to waste drawer space. Easily store this spice rack in your cabinet for organization.
Under $21 Can fit up to 36 spices 5. Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder Amazon

Freeing up space on your countertop and kitchen island is a good idea. It's definitely a great feeling knowing you have plenty of space when you're ready to pull out your pots, pans, and cutting boards. Naturally, something a lot of us keep on our countertops is napkins. If you like the idea of not having paper towels as the focal point of your island, mount your paper towels.
Under $12 Easy mounting
Dish racks tend to create a crowded spot on countertops as well. If you're looking for a new dish rack, check out The Simplehuman steel frame dish rack. It's one of the most organized dish racks I've ever seen, and there's plenty of functions that keep your counter space clean, like an extendable drip tray.

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If you like to host dinner parties, or just entertain in general, kitchen organization should be a priority. Give your dinner guests some reassurance that their meal is being made in a tidy kitchen. Not only is an organized kitchen pleasing to others, but it should make yourself happy knowing your favorite spot in your home is clean and organized.

If you're not sure where to start with your kitchen organization project, start with shelving. Make sure you have easy access to your pots and pans. After that, move onto kitchen drawers. Also, if your knives aren't in a knife block, add that to your organization list. Get your organized kitchen ready in time for the holiday season.
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