This Half-Off Roasting Pan Is Essential for Cooking Turkey


There’s nothing more thrilling than landing on the perfect dresser, sofa, planter, or silverware and finding out that—score!—it’s on sale. But that chase takes work. Thankfully we’ve scoured the Internet for you to unearth the best deals of the week.

Some Like It Dutch

An oval Dutch oven is ideal for roasting poultry, and this one is large enough (16.9 inches long) to nestle in all the shallots, lemons, and other yummy ingredients you’re working with. 

Pan Party

From seasonal pies to baked pastas, this handy trio has you covered for all your holiday baking needs. And unlike stained metals, glazed stoneware is pretty enough to serve out of. 

Nice Serve

As longtime fans of Hawkins New York’s Shaker collection—it’s truly the best everyday dishware—we know if we got this serving bowl, we’d hardly ever reach for any others. 

Sharp Objects

Let’s be honest: Half of cooking is just chopping, which means you should be passionate about your knives. You can feel the quality of Global Classic even from just slicing an apple—which we’ll be doing a lot of this pie season. 

Ease Your Clean

We’d be lying if we said the holidays were all fun and games; there is some cleanup, too. But ditching your traditional sponges for these silicone ones is an easy way to make it more enjoyable.

Turkey Talk 

Cooking your turkey on a rack is essential for crisping up all sides, and All-Clad’s even comes with a whisk for your gravy needs. 

The Stone Age

We can’t all have marble countertops, but a honed gray marble cheese board on the counter is a start. The unique triangle shape isn’t something we see every day, bringing immediate interest to any appetizer spread.

Piece of Cake

True fact: If you own a cute cake stand, you’ll bake more often. The modern shape is warmed up by acacia and mango woods, landing it a permanent spot on the counter.

Dry Duty

Any home chef knows you go through a lot of dish towels during a party. And the reality is that because they’re so hardworking, they don’t always last forever. Which is why we try to get them on sale any chance we get. 

Save for Later 

The only thing better than serving a decadent dinner is eating the leftovers for lunch the next day. And unlike flimsy Tupperware, you’ll actually be excited to pull out W&P’s sleek Porter bowl.

Shirt Saver 

You really can’t beat this price for a linen apron. After cooking dinner, we’d “accidentally” keep it on all night to show it off. 

Toss It Up

The distinct silhouettes of Cutipol’s flatware stand out in a crowd, as do its resin handles in palette-cleansing hues. We’d invest in this set even if it weren’t on sale.  

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