This Is What a $245 Lunch Box Looks Like

A packed lunch is something that grows up with you. Once you reach adulthood, gone are the days of metal rectangles and cartoon characterthemed thermoses. In their stead arrive basic Tupperware, the occasional repurposed tub that once held takeout, or maybe (if youre feeling fancy) a simple bowl. But now theres another optionone that elevates a packed meal to a whole new level. Inkas lunch kit, with a price point of $245, is lunchtimes most luxurious accessory yet.

Launched today, the set includes pretty much everything youd need to assemble a desk meal that might actually bring a smile to your face: shatter-and spillproof containers you can microwave; graceful gold-finish silverware; silk-and-cottonblend napkins; a teensy saucepot; and, best of all, a carrier (easy to wipe down and clean) to tote it all around in. It might not seem like a lot, but the materials are as high quality as you can getit took two years to develop the perfect plastic, and the vegan silicone leather is the same soft, durable kind that youd find in a yachts upholstery. So, yes, you can absolutely use the bag as a normal purse and no one would be the wiser.

This might just be the most luxe take on a midday meal weve seen, but can you really put a price on the pride youll feel when you go a whole week without ordering in?

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