Tips and Tricks For a Well Dressed Table

A good argument can be made that food tastes better when consumed at a table that's intentionally set. We're entering a season that is defined by its food and gathering opportunities, so getting to set your table for those you love (maybe even multiple times!) is quickly approaching!

While there are technical ways that Emily Post herself will swear by when it comes to ensuring you set your table to perfection, these tips and tricks will help you problem-solve pushing your tablescape to the next level!
Don't Forget The Linens

When you're putting together a table, the linens can often be an overlooked element — don't fall into that trap! If you feel like you've put your heart and soul into the setting and something still doesn't feel right or complete, you can bet your bottom dollar adding a few more linen elements will fill out your table.

Elements like table runners, table cloths, napkins or even placemats can either be the star of the show or the perfect backdrop to let your other elements shine, but if you don't include any of them or too few of them then all your other elements will fall flat.
Add in Fun Accessories Too

It's amazing what a few pops of "fun" can do for a table! If you're decorating for a specific season or holiday, adding a few bits and bobbles here and there can take your table setting to the next level. A fun accessory doesn't have to be practical, but rather a small acknowledgment to the reason for gathering in the first place!

When you're working with small table real-estate you might be tempted to overlook the "fun" accessories, but instead, we'd suggest making some of the practical table elements fun! Think of figurine salt and pepper shakers, seasonally appropriate name card holders, or even holiday-centric linens. Whatever you can do to add the pop of fun is well worth the effort.
Think Outside of The Traditional Centerpieces

When we say traditional centerpieces we talking those gorgeous floral arrangements that are equally impressive as they are dominating to the table. While florals are never a wrong idea, sometimes it's fun to think of something a little different.

Maybe it's a boxed candle holder filled with greens or even small pumpkins for a fall table. Maybe thin candlesticks peppered in around the food (which is ALWAYS a good center piece option.) Or, maybe it's a cluster of smaller vases with single stems in them. A good rule of thumb is to either go with one big item as the star or several smaller items clustered around.
The Beauty Comes in Layers

If you feel like your table is falling flat, chances are you could benefit from adding a few layers. A good rule to keep in mind is the rule of threes — almost everything looks better when clustered with threes!

For example — the plate itself! Add a charger, a plate, and either a fun accessory or a napkin on top of the plate. Around the plate make sure to incorporate silverware, a glass, and a name card. You get the point — for every vignette you create, making sure to incorporate layers makes the whole setting feel full and intentional.

At the end of the day, setting the table is supposed to be a fun activity that communicates to your guests that you wanted them to feel special, so no matter what you do it's the effort that speaks the loudest volume. Happy hosting!

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