wait, where’d Monday go?

 Did I forget to blog yesterday, or did I just have nothing to say?  Nothing to say, that doesn't sound like me!  

Here's what I did yesterday:

I cleaned my room...vacuumed, wiped down the mini blinds, cleaned the windows, dusted and straightened the dresser tops.  I was in an organizing mood, so I took everything out of the kitchen drawers, wiped down the insides, washed the silverware organizers, and put everything back in, neater.  I threw away some travel mug tops for which we no longer have the mugs, and put the autumn/Christmas towels into the laundry room, so I will not know where they are next year.  

Dinner last night, oh it was good:  a chuck steak, browned up and sautéed in the instant pot...I had sprinkled some lime juice, salt and pepper on it and let it come to room temp first...then into the pot for 55 minutes, with some whole red-skinned potatoes, and some whole carrots, along with half a cup of water, and a packet of gravy mix...oh my goodness it was delicious, there was barely enough.  I have fallen in love with my instant pot, now that I'm not afraid of it anymore.

Sunny....she never fails at being cute.  Suri though, was a bad bad doggie last night, or early this morning when Sonja went to the hospital for clinical....and left the can unlocked....or maybe Suri knows how to unlock it now...in any case, SURPRISE!!!  Garbage all over the floor!  And that Labrador just looks at me, with a sad, regretful face, as if she just couldn't help herself.  She is a piggy pie.

This little sweetheart came over this morning while her mama had her dr. appointment.  We played and played....she taught me how to play the game Sorry!  I asked her how to play, she said, "you just pick cards and sometimes, SORRY!"
We played with the little stuff...
We also went outside for a bit, she went on the swing for a bit, we walked around and admired the spring flowers which are coming up nicely.  

After  her mama came to get her, I had to hurry hurry, because I told Miss Char I'd pick her up from school.   Thrift store!  25% off for seniors on Tuesdays, can you believe I'm a senior citizen, at least a thrift store senior citizen.   Char found a cute top, two pairs of shorts.  I found a really decent frying pan, and a Cephalon pan with a lid, hopefully it'll almost replace my favorite pan which I left at the airbnb last week...I had brought it to make rice in, and for popcorn, and got almost all the way home before realizing that someone must have put it in the cupboard, not knowing it was mine, and when I looked around when we were leaving, it wasn't on my radar...or in my sight, but how well.  I also got a few toys, nothing too exciting.  

We went in the grocery store quick as long as we were out, got some burger for $3 a pound, and a few pork loin roasts for $2.18 a pound, some bacon, and some eggs, mini peppers, a cucumber, some seltzers and strawberry cake mix because Charlotte Claire wants to make a strawberry cake with Sonja. 

Home again, but not for long!  We cleaned up the toys, put away the games, I put some chicken in to marinate, but I'm leaving to go to the pool in a little while....bye!