when you’re sleeping in the office...and JURY DUTY!!!

 ...you can't start snoring during calls.  It seemed like a good idea, to have him set up in our room...but it means that I have to be up and out of there when he starts work.  Last night was one of those ha, you think you're going to just sleep!? nights...Hollowed Out Nights, I call them.  I fell asleep without too much trouble, conked out before all the aches and pains kicked in...something woke me up a few hours later, that's when the party planning in my head started.  The jury duty drama and the tickle in my throat, and my aching hips.  I tossed.  I turned.  I did conscious relaxation, like when you're having a baby in the 80's with no pain meds.  I prayed, and I thought about important things.

And, then, voila, right when it was time to get up in the morning, I fell asleep. I woke up enough to text Miss Charlotte and tell her sorry, I was not going to get up and see her out the door this morning.  Have a good day, and do well on your test!  Then, miraculously, I returned to slumber.

Ha.  ha ha ha.  Paul had to get up and start work. 

Once, in the summer, I came in from the pool, and I don't have to remind you how shockingly hot I am in my old-lady swim dresses...Paul was working in his office aka our room, I had to get into our bathroom to change from my suit...I walked by his desk, and he said, "Oh, you're on camera, Zoom call."  lovely.

Obviously, I don't want to be on camera while I slumber, nor picked up snoring on one of his calls...so up, and at 'em.    

His office was set up in a different bedroom, but when Kathryn and Darius were coming, he moved the whole set up into a different empty bedroom...when their visit turned into a five week stay because they were MOVING here, they needed an extra room, so little Rhys would sleep better...so he moved the whole shebang into our room.  Our room is nice and bright and big enough, I mostly don't mind.  I am an early riser in general, and don't take naps.  I'm happy for Paul to be so close by, right down the hall from the living room, it's not really a big deal.  Except for this fine morning, ha...I was SO tired...

Jury Duty:  Those brats!  I checked in online after five o'clock yesterday afternoon, and:  "check in after 12 (noon) tomorrow, January 10, be ready to arrive at the courthouse at 1:30, if instructed to do so."  So at least I'm not there all the live-long day, but they're just prolonging the agony.  I hope hope hope when I check at 12:-01, it'll say, "Go on with your life now, kind citizen, we'll contact you again in five years."

Yesterday we watched little Achilles and Rhys so Kathryn could go to her dentist appointment.  She came in for a visit after, and we relaxed a while.  Then, Walmart!  Camille had some glasses to pick out!

Despite the plethora of fun and amazing toys, Rhys likes this empty water jug.  She puts the top on, and takes it off, and carries it around, it's as big as she is.  

I didn't even get a picture of Miss Cam trying on her new frames, oops!  Years ago, these trips to the eye doctor were much more eventful, with five, six, ten kids trying on frames...Molly and Aaron putting on the "old man" glasses, and fake begging for the goggle glasses.  

We had a few things to shop for, namely:  spoons.  We're weird, but we like the lightweight silverware...a spoon that doesn't tip back out of the bowl, a fork that doesn't fall off the plate, so heavy!  Years ago, I had gotten these cheap little spoons from Walmart, and they're the most used spoons...never mind the nice set of silverware, we all gravitated towards these...so I bought 8 more, for $2.40.  

I also picked out some clothes for the grandkids...:), and a few things for tonight's Activity Club, a big princess coloring book, and ring pops.  Kathryn needed milk, and a blanket for their new baby, coming in a few months...she had trouble at the self check register because the guy before her had simply walked out without paying. waltzed out the door.  God bless him, hope it was stuff he really needed.  

Home, ahh home...dinner time, ugh.  I had eaten lunch, leftover pulled pork and cauliflower and cheese, so I wasn't very hungry.  Paul was all set with two hamburgers I had made him.  The girls decided to make fancy paninis, so Camille cooked some bacon.  Eggs and bacon for me, ah a simple dinner.  

I need to get organized and do some meal planning. There are a lot of things I need to do.  If I don't have jury duty, I get to go out and about this afternoon with Kathryn after her doctor's appointment....we are supposed to watch the kids during it, but the where and whom are waiting for whether I have to report to the courtroom or not.  Camille's appointment with the specialist is tomorrow, if I don't show,  we have to pay.   Paul can't take time from work right now...oh well, we'll see.  

Winter has taken a little hiatus, here in central New York State.  We had a lovely dusting of snow last night, covered up some of the blah grayness, but it's melted now.  I don't mind driving on clear roads with good visibility, especially in January.  But we KNOW it's coming back...it's too early to be counting the days until spring, but shh, we are anyway.  Winter here stretches it's tentacles from October to May....with glorious days thrown in, to trick us into thinking that New York weather's not so bad.  

Dark and gloomy.   At least when there's snow on the ground, it brightens up the house.  Ah well.  Nothing  I can do either way...off I go to change the laundry over...have a really good day!

UPDATE:  No jury duty!  I'm very relieved...I don't have to serve again for six years!  It was a murder case....a 37 year old woman charged with shooting a man, father of four, who was breaking up a fight, according to his family.  She was caught on video doing the shooting, and faces 25 years to life.  I am so glad I dodged this bullet...yes, interesting, but it never would have wrapped up by next week....