$100 a Month For Groceries – Week 50 of 52

We woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow on the ground, which was nice… but I feel like it’s really not officially winter around here until there’s at least a good 6 inches or more on the ground. 

Oh well, a girl can dream, right? 

I didn’t buy anything from the grocery store last week, mostly because I have everything I need {we bought milk last week} but I did scan the Hannaford ad for this week and found a few gems.

  • Avocados $0.89 each
  • Oranges $0.89 a pound
  • Asparagus $2.69 a pound {Shaw’s has it for less but you have to jump through hoops to get it at the lower price.} $2.69 a pound while not an amazing deal, it’s decent.
  • Brussels Sprouts $1.99 a pound
  • Hannaford plain yogurt $2.12 for 32 ounces
  • Hannaford Orange Juice $2.29 for 52 ounces
  • Pork butt $0.99 a pound
  • Ham shank $0.79 a pound {I like Costco hams the best though}
  • Hannaford Marshmallows $0.88 a bag

But do I really need any of it? 

I don’t know. Ever since the HH blew my $100 a month budget for the year back in late October, and then after stocking up on some pretty awesome Thanksgiving deals a few weeks ago, I don’t feel so hard core about the whole 2022 grocery budgeting thing anymore.

An avocado would be nice {avocado toast!} and we love roasted Brussels sprouts, and if I bought the yogurt I could make a batch of the butternut soup I’ve been craving for the past week. 

If I bought an orange I could make a batch of chocolate orange biscotti, and well, who doesn’t love a glass of fresh orange juice?

But is it really worth a trip to town for just an avocado, brussels sprouts, one orange and some orange juice? 

No, probably not. 😉

Here’s a look at most of what we ate last week:

Copy cat Panera cream of chicken and wild rice soup. Have you made this yet!?

Ham and bean soup with kale. Remember the vegetable pucks I made this summer? I tossed a few of those in this soup.

Copy cat Panera tomato soup {my all time favorite soup}.


I also made some bread. {Doesn’t the center loaf look like a whale?

And there was flatbread!

Thanks to my in-laws who sent us a Christmas box of goodness from Omaha Steaks. I don’t know about you, but I think food gifts are THE BEST gifts. 

And there was salami too!

All in all it was a good week here at Camp Butterfield. Lot’s of homemade goodness. And now that my freezer is loaded with soup, I think it’s time to start thinking about baking cookies. 

Lots and lots of cookies. 

How about YOU? What did you serve up this past week? Are you in soup and bread mode yet? 

Have a good one,


Total Spent This Past Week on Groceries $0

  • Total Spent in November on Groceries $157.45
  • Total Spent in October on Groceries $140.91
  • Total Spent in September on Groceries $57.08
  • Total Spent in August of Groceries $24.29
  • Total Spent in July on Groceries $335.47
  • Total Spent in June for Groceries $124.45
  • Total Spent in May for Groceries $172.47 {$47 of it was spent at Farmers Markets}
  • Total Spent in April on Groceries $94.48
  • Total Spent in March on Groceries $114.12
  • Total Spent in February on Groceries $94.64
  • Total Spent in January on Groceries $96.58
  • Total Spent on Groceries in 2022 $1407.25


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