$100 a Month For Groceries – Week 51 of 52

Last week Hannaford had a couple of good deals so we decided to take advantage of the lower prices and buy a few of our favorite things.

Orange Juice $2.29, avocados $0.89, plain yogurt $2.12, brussel sprouts $1.99 a pound and asparagus $2.69 a pound. 

Avocado toast and soft tacos are always a high priority when we’re able to get them on sale. We had both! 

I also roasted a few of our butternut squash for a batch of butternut squash soup

And we roasted a whole chicken {I bought a couple when they were on sale a few weeks ago for $0.99 a pound} for a big batch of the HH’s homemade chicken noodle soup. He makes the BEST soup and it freezes well and it’s nice to have tucked away for nights I don’t feel like cooking. 

And I made a batch of Mel’s Drunken Beans

And another batch of the pepperoni pizza focaccia the HH loves so much. 

And one night we went bowling and ordered Slim Jims {the HH} and nachos and steak and cheese chimichangas from the snack bar. The food was sort of gross and fun all at the same time. 😉

My highest score was a whopping 46 points! Yee-Haw. 

Hey, someone has to finish last, right? 

I checked the ads for this week, and the only deal I found that I was interested in was top round roasts at Hannaford for $1.99 a pound. Hot diggety, that’s a great price for pot roast don’t you think? I might have to pick up a few… or 5 for the freezer. 

I have no idea what prices are going to be like in 2023, but I have a feeling they aren’t going to get any lower so I might as well stock up when I can. 

How about YOU? Have you found any good deals lately? Curious minds want to know.

Have a good one,


Total Spent This Past Week on Groceries $18.26

  • Total Spent in December on Groceries $18.26
  • Total Spent in November on Groceries $157.45
  • Total Spent in October on Groceries $140.91
  • Total Spent in September on Groceries $57.08
  • Total Spent in August of Groceries $24.29
  • Total Spent in July on Groceries $335.47
  • Total Spent in June for Groceries $124.45
  • Total Spent in May for Groceries $172.47 {$47 of it was spent at Farmers Markets}
  • Total Spent in April on Groceries $94.48
  • Total Spent in March on Groceries $114.12
  • Total Spent in February on Groceries $94.64
  • Total Spent in January on Groceries $96.58
  • Total Spent on Groceries in 2022 $1425.51


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