100+ Low Carb Lunch Ideas

If youre looking for low carb lunch ideas, youve come to the right place! Here are over 100 for you to try: whether youre at home, at work, or on the go!

100+ Low Carb Lunch Ideas - whether you're at home, at work, or on the go!

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So whats for lunch? Perhaps its a grilled cheese (yes a low carb one!), some warming soup, a wrap, a tasty salad, a quesadilla, or a stuffed avocado there are SO many options to choose from! Many of the recipes here are single serve, and only need a handful of ingredients. Other dishes are more complicated perhaps when you have more time at the weekend but dont want anything too big. Keep reading for a list of all my low carb lunch recipes!

I work from home and what I eat for lunch can vary wildly! It might be something that Im working on for this blog, leftovers, or just a few things thrown together from the fridge and pantry. More often than not its pretty simple, so heres quick video that I put together of five super easy ideas:

Low Carb Lunch Ideas At Work

What about if you usually have lunch at work? What you eat probably depends on whether you have a microwave, and how organized you are to prepare food in advance. If you have access to a microwave, then you have a lot of options available to you for example you could make a low carb lasagnaat the weekend, then portion it out for the week. If you love soup then get yourself a decent soup thermos and load it up before you head out for the day. Perfect for leftovers!

If you only have cold lunch options, try a sort of bento box! Here are some great low carb ideas that you might already have in the fridge:

  • hard boiled eggs
  • lettuce wraps
  • leftover roast chicken or turkey
  • radishes
  • sliced cheese
  • low carb tortillas or wraps
  • pickles
  • cooked bacon
  • tuna mayonnaise
  • cherry tomatoes
  • celery
  • your favorite nut butter

Divided lunch containers are particularly useful for these kind of meals! You might also like to check out my list of low carb low prep snacks as it might give you some more ideas! Low Prep Snacks for Low Carb Diets

Buying Low Carb Lunch On The Go

Buying a quick lunch can certainly be tricky but not impossible! Heres a guide of what to look out for in grocery stores (or even sandwich shops and gas stations!):

  • snack cheese
  • protein shakes
  • rotisserie chicken
  • mini pots of guacamole
  • seaweed snacks
  • small packs of tuna
  • olives snack pots
  • pork rinds
  • salami-wrapped cheese sticks
  • jerky andmeat snacks
  • sashimi
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • 100% cheese snacks like Moon Cheese and Cello Whisps

Obviously always read the nutrition data label before buying! And if youre in the mood for something sweet, youd better read my guide to The Best Low Carb Desserts To Buy!

Best Low Carb Desserts to Buy

Low Carb Lunch Ideas At Home

Heres a pictorial recipe index of all the lunch recipes on this blog!

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