16 Best Food Scenes in Best Picture Winning Movies

best picture nominees best food scenes

With all the awards that the Academy is keen to hand out these days, youd think by now theyd have had the wherewithal to acknowledge the best food scenes in movies with some sort of acting acclaim of their own, or at least as a subcategory of set design. A simple dinner table can act as a building source of marital tension (American Beauty), or sexual tension (Tom Jones). The act of meal preparation can humanize a villain, or demonize a hero. A single food item can add comedy, as in Annie Halls lobsters, or tragedy, as in the foreshadowing oranges of the Godfather series. I mean, Bubba even showed us in Forrest Gump that shrimp was worthy of an entire monologue! In honor of Food, Glorious Foodas rightfully expressed in 1969s Best Picture Winner, Oliver!weve rounded up a collection of the best food scenes in Best Picture films from the last 60 years, with recipes to pair them accordingly.

1961: The Apartment

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