7 Plant-Based Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

Celebrate the special woman in your life with these delightfully delicious, homemade, plant-based Mother’s Day brunch recipes.

It’s Mother’s Day, and it’s time to thank the mothers in your life for all of the wonderful things they do (and did) for you, from whipping up your favorite meals and keeping your closet full of freshly washed clothes to offering up a warm hug and a few kind words of guidance on your darkest day. One of the best ways to show your mom some love is to plan a home-cooked, healthful brunch on Mother’s Day. I put together some of my favorite plant-powered brunch recipes into a perfect light spring Mother’s Day Brunch Menu. Go ahead, spoil your mom the healthy way!

7 Plant-Based Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

7 Plant-Based Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

Cucumber Herb Champagne Sparkler 

If you’re looking for a light, herbal cocktail—I’ve got your number with this aromatic champagne sparkler. It’s perfect for brunch. And with less than 100 calories per serving, you’ll feel indulged without the indulgence.

7 Plant-Based Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

Cold Cucumber Avocado Soup

My cool, creamy soup is as yummy as it is pretty—thanks to the verdant shades and flavors of cucumber, avocado, green onions, limes, and cilantro. You can whip it up in minutes—and it makes a lovely appetizer course served in shot glasses. 

7 Plant-Based Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

Kiwi Herb Salad with Pistachios and Orange Dressing 

I love the combination of fresh fruits and vegetables in a salad—the sweet, fragrant flesh of fruits juxtaposed against the earthy, crisp vegetables and the crunch of pistachios. These raw ingredients are off the charts in the antioxidant vitamin C, which is delicate and easily damaged in cooking. And pistachios are rich in antioxidants, such as lutein. 

Spicy Sorghum Avocado Salad 

The Latin flavors of cilantro, avocado, corn and tomatoes truly brighten up this nutrient-rich, satisfying salad.

Greek Veggie Balls with Tahini Lemon Sauce 

Enjoying vegetarian “meatballs” is a thing! These little treats are delicious as an appetizer, served with pasta and a sauce, or showcased as the main event at your meal.

Sunshine Orange Whole Wheat Rolls

I created these 100% whole grain Sunshine Orange Whole Wheat Rolls, which are very light on sugar and fat, 100% plant-based, and 100% delicious, in honor of my mom. I baked up a batch and the whole kitchen smelled wonderful!

Pistachio Cherry Coconut Crisp 

Here’s a comfort food dessert recipe heavy on flavor, and light on calories. Calling upon the rich flavors of cherries, pistachios, coconut and oats, it’s sure to be a hit!

For other plant-based brunch recipes, try these:

Sonoma Kale Salad with Red Grapes and Mushroom-Red Wine Vinaigrette
Blueberry Millet Muffins
Tuscan Asparagus Fennel Farro Salad
Asparagus Dill Tofu Quiche
Sweet Potato Zucchini Home Fries

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