85 People Are Calling Out Popular Things They Find Disgusting

I know it’s hard to wrap your head around it, but not everyone likes universally favorite things like taking a bath or watching The Bachelor. And when I say universally, I mean things that are great conversation starters, conversation silence killers, and friendship boosters. You just can’t go wrong by talking about them, or so we believe.

But it turns out, we forgot the crucial rule. There are as many likes and dislikes as there are people on this planet, and that’s a whole lot too much to count. So when someone asked on r/AskReddit “What do you think is disgusting that everyone else seems to like?" people finally had a chance to voice their unpopular opinions. The responses are pretty surprising, but they also give us a whole new other perspective on things we take for granted.


Reality TV shows that think humiliation and aggressive b***hy behaviour are entertainment.

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Celebrity worship. I. Don’t. Give. A. F**k. About. The. Kardashians.

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The life story before you give me the mother flipping recipe. I just want the recipe.

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Wearing shoes in your own house

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Recording everything. People will take videos and pictures all night at the bar or a party, so you can't act an a** with your friends or it'll be all over social media.

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Long finger nails.. so goddamn nastyyyy. Stop!


Bobbing for apples. Everyone’s spit is in that tub of water. I do not want to put my open mouth on that slobbery apple.

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Raisins. I like grapes but raisins are a big nope for some reason.

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I'm sorry but kids super gross me out. Theres always something dried to the skin on their face, or dried boogers on their nose, stains on their shirt, fingers are sticky. No judgment to any parent. I just get super grossed out when I see kids touch all kinds of stuff in the store. Lick their fingers, touch more stuff.
*insert gag noise*


Food play during sex the chocolate sauce might seem like a good idea but its sticky and a b***h to clean up

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Twerking. I find it so annoying


Obsessively taking selfies,

Recording everything outdoors


For me, it's drinking to the point where you can't stand up. Like, head spinning, probably should take an Advil and lay down with your foot on the ground drunk.

That happened to me this 4th of July weekend. Went to visit some cousins up in Wisconsin for the 4th and had myself a wild time. It was my first time drinking without limits (am 18, don't arrest me). I tried to be responsible, didn't start drinking until 5 pm made sure to eat. Well Coors Light as you keep going, kinda gets easier and easier to drink. I was slamming them down without caution the whole night. It was pretty bad. In the back of my soupy mind, I was thinking "maybe I should slow down/stop?" But nope, I didn't.

It wasnt until my cousin and grandpa told me to lay down on the couch because I could not walk straight and almost fell down. It was bad. My head was spinning so badly, it was weird. Sitting up was impossible. Felt like there was a 20 lb weight in the back of my skull. I hated it. I felt stupid (I was stupid. I said some dumb s**t).

I remember thinking "man, people do this a LOT. Like, they get this drunk like it's normal." I don't mind drinking in general, but man getting tipsy like that was not enjoyable in the slightest. Idk how people get like that weekly, or daily in extreme cases. Drinking's fun, but moderation, y'know?

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Tik-tok. Not the app in particular, but the increase in popularity among low-effort content.


Bothering or being an inconvenience to someone and calling it a prank.


Exploitative Television. Shows that basically exist to make the viewer feel better about their own life by showing people struggle with their much harder life.

There’s a reason why people like the Jersey Shore cast, Octomom, etc. have meltdowns. It’s because they are put on display for the masses and they can’t separate their off screen life from onscreen.




Dr. Pimple Popper. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me queasy.

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Kraft American cheese slices. You could hold me up at cheese point and I’d give you everything I’ve got, I can’t even stand to look at the stuff.


TikTok videos where people go around annoying people in public.

Like f*ck off you dumb prick and stop putting buckets on random people head


Allowing the dog to lick them on the face and s**t, like he licks his a-hole with that.


The whole "daddy" thing. Just seems really creepy to me and to me scream daddy issues but what do I know


Water parks. The water is never clear and a bunch of people’s pee and spit is all over the place, plus they’re always hella crowded

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Food ASMR. Don’t you ever dare make me listen to a person up close to a mic whispering and eating. It’s so gross. I hate the lip smacking, and the chewing, and everything about it. Grosssss


Butt stuff. I’m a pretty big hygienist and can’t stand the idea of touching anything that’s had contact with poop. Not knocking anyone else for it, but I’ll take a hard pass on it.


Student-teacher fantasies


Love Island. It’s so vacuous and awful. Everyone on there is thick and they all look the same

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Ketchup. Too sweet; can't stand it.


I don’t think it’s disgusting like sex-repulsed aces, but I gotta say sex.


Vaping. What’s the appeal?


Celery. Apparently it's a genetic thing like cilantro with three levels watery, floral, and boar urine. Guess which one I got.

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Peas. They’re the devil’s boogers


Having a fetish for feet. I’ve got nothing against people who are into that, I just don’t see the appeal.

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My 600 lbs Life, specifically the surgery part. I don't know how people look at raw human flesh so normally

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American cheese, it is disgusting and just isn't cheese, but "it melts nicely" so people eat it




I'm a closeted Sweet Tea hater in the South. Never have been able to acquire a taste for it.


Taking a bath.

You are literally soaking in your butt juice


Dates. Like the fruit, just never appealed to me and didn't really taste good.


Olives, no matter if they are green or black olives. Most of the family loves them. I despise them.

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Air fresheners of any kind, but especially the plug-in ones.


Swimming in lakes. If I can't see the bottom, no thanks. All I can picture is a ball of snakes waiting for me to casually swim by.


All those step sister fantasies people have, personally I find it pretty weird.




Tuna salad. I love raw tuna though.

Tuna’s not supposed to be gray!


Hot tubs. I can’t get past the fact that you’re literally sitting in a stew of other people’s sweat and dead skin.


truffle… it smells and taste so bad to me but so many hipster cafes have truffle fries or pasta in their menu like why


Theme parks (and yes, even Disney World) and especially places like Great Adventure. It’s always crowded, always hot, there's long lines, it’s expensive, and I don’t enjoy most rides (I get motion sickness). Everyone in the world besides me seems to be obsessed with them. And yes I realize I sound like a Debbie Downer but it’s just not my idea of a good time.


Coleslaw. Gives me nightmares.


Deviled Eggs. My mom used to make them for every holiday and just the smell would make me wanna puke. The whole family loves them and begs her to make them every year.


Ranch. Mayonnaise.


Hoppy beer, taste like soap to me.


Ear cleaning like EW!


ASMR. idk why but it makes me uncomfortable


Pickles. They're f***ing gross and should be called "food ruiners" because that's what they are.


Energy drinks I can't stand them.


Coke and most other sodas. But mostly coke and Pepsi, can't stand the taste.



Apparently its a gene?


Milk. I don't know what it is I just can't drink it.


Movie theaters. They never really clean the seats and the floors are a mine field


Alcohol. I can’t stand the taste of it. It’s an acquired taste that I just never got. I don’t know how people can drink so much of it.


Grape flavored things - candy, drinks, etc.


Gin. It’s one of the few permitted vices in 1984 for a reason, and not because it tastes like alcohol filtered through a Christmas tree. Something about gin is markedly dystopian.


The Office. I couldn’t make it through the first season.


For some reason, my taste buds reject watermelon. I put it into my mouth and it is immediately forced out. I've never heard anything bad about watermelon. So I always assumed I was the only one.


Coffee. Tried it every kind of way and I just can’t stand it.

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Big Nicki Minaj type butts. Just oversized. If it's natural it's alright I guess, it's just not my type. Fake butts/boobs too. It's not attractive to me. I would prefer small natural butts/boobs to fake ones that look like basketballs or something.


Potato salad. It's the bane of my existence at every single picnic or family function I go to. Usually with my family there's only a couple sides so my plate looks really empty if I don't take any, and I don't want to offend anyone and think I don't like what they make. But seriously, it has the taste and texture of eggy tofu barf.


Coconut anything. Pumpkin pie. Root beer. Cotton candy


Asparagus and Sweet Potatoes. For the life of me I will never understand sweet potatoes, they are awful in every way and you cannot make them taste good.








Bottom feeders/shellfish




The popular music of today.


Crabs...that smell is unbearable to me personally


Cotton candy.
few times I had some I nearly died of dehydration


Macaroni and cheese. The squishy texture, the the way it looks, the sloppy sounds it makes when people eat it, it just reminds me far too much of vomit to not find revolting.


Squash and peanut butter. If I eat squash I literally vomit from the feeling and taste. I'm not allergic to it. Same with peanut butter, big no. However I love boiled peanuts... idk why...


Noodles with only ketchup as sauce


Twizzlers? They just taste like rubber


Peanut butter and Nutella are just so gross to me. Peanut butter is so crunchy and tastes horrible, and Nutella is either too bland or too strong kinda gross.


Cucumbers. imo it’s just crunchy water
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