9 Female Centenarians Share Their Secrets to Longevity. Meet the Real Record Holders!

The number of people who have lived to at least 100 is getting higher and higher. It is estimated that by 2050 there will have been as many as over a million of them. There are also the so-called ‘super-centenarian’ – these are people who have lived to 110. the first person on record to have lived so long (died 110 years and 321 days old) was Margaret Ann Neve (1792 – 1903) from the Channel Islands.
Today we will reveal some of the secrets of long-living women.

#1 Batuli Lamichhane (1903-2015)

The Nepali woman started smoking at the age of 112. She thought it was chain smoking that enabled her to live so long. She would smoke as many as 30 cigarettes per day.


#2 Muriel Froomberg (1909-2017)

This British centenarian lived to 108. She stopped smoking at the age of 102. For lunch she would have asparagus and chicken. A bottle of whiskey was enough for her just for a week.

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#3 Nabi Tajima (1900-2018)


Nabi was a Japanese woman who died at 118. She had 9 children and she had some memories dating back to the times before World War I. She believed that she owed her long life to good food and getting enough sleep.



#4 Emma Morano-Martinuzzi (1899- 2017)


This Italian centenarian lived 118 years. In 1938 she dumped her husband and stayed single for the next 79 years. And this is avoiding men (plus a diet rich in eggs) that she thought to be the key to her success.


#5 Clara Meadmore (1903-2011)


She was called ‘The Oldest Virgin in Great Britain’. She lived to 108 and she believed it was all thanks to abstaining from sex. At the age of 12 she decided she would never get married. She kept her promise and often pointed out that any intimate relationships are nothing but trouble.


#6 Jeanne Louise Calment (1875 – 1997)


This French woman is the real record holder. She lived on this planet for 122 years and 164 days. She lived in Arles and remembered meeting Vincent van Gogh. She liked chocolate, cigarettes and wine. She nourished her skin with olive oil.


#7 Susannah Mushatt Jones (1899-2016)

The American woman lived to 117. Her secret recipe for a long life was… eating bacon. She always had it for breakfast. She also enjoyed chewing mint gum.


#8 Ana Vela-Rubio (1901-2017)


Ana was a Spanish centenarian who lived to 116. She worked all her life as a seamstress. Her family believe that her long life could be attributed to red wine, positive attitude and kindness. The woman was always friendly and she had lots of energy.


#9 Violet Brown (1900-2017)

This woman from Jamaica died at 117. She worked on a sugar cane plantation. She would read the Bible on regular basis, avoided rum and ate a lot of beef.


Do you know any other centenarians?

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