Balsamic Chicken {Easy Marinade!}

Robustly flavored Balsamic Chicken! Chicken is soaked in a flavorful garlic and herb + balsamic vinegar marinade then grilled to browned perfection.

Balsamic chicken thighs shown on an oval white platter from overhead.

Made with an Easy Balsamic Chicken Marinade

I think the best way to make balsamic chicken is to soak it in a flavorful marinade, then finish it on the grill for a light char and caramelization.

The chicken ends with a nice tang, a very faint and mellow sweetness, and distinctive tantalizing flavor. When balsamic vinegar is involved you know it's going to be good, right?

Here you can use boneless skinless chicken thighs or breasts. I've tried each and I think each one has their benefit.

Thighs of course are more tender and juicy, breasts seem to soak up a bit more of that marinade flavor. So use whichever you prefer.

Either way you'll have a win with this one!

Serve with a side of my favorite parmesan roasted potatoes, or steamed or roasted broccoli. Another option is as I've done here (shown below) paired with roasted asparagus, tomatoes and a finish of feta.

Balsamic chicken breasts shown on a white plate over a blue cloth on a marble surface.

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