Busy busy busy day ahead

Thursday 23rd June 2022
Enjoy your days as best as you can.

Check me out, I walked 3 miles yesterday along the canal path after dropping the car off to have a gearbox service and picking it back up later, it was a hot walk at half three in 25 degrees but I enjoyed it none the less and hopefully it burned a few calories to help work off my meals yesterday.  

I do love eggs on toast so that was what I started my day with, but this weeks chat has make me think about shaking my breakfast up a bit more, natural yogurt, fruit that sort of thing or advocado, breakfast muffins, peanut butter all good healthy food.

Now dinner don't look very appealing but it tasted damn good, leftover beef, fried onions, mushrooms, asparagus, yellow pepper, spinach, pappardelle and red pepper pesto, I used up the open jar in the fridge and the veggies that were about to walk. 

Later when I was tidying the kitchen I found an open jar of pickled silverskin onions and I thought mmm, I fancy some of those so had them with crackers and cheese = nice.

I was very productive yesterday, huddle on the morning, dropped car off, walked home then cleaned my house from top to bottom, thankfully it wasn't bad and didn't take long, I hoovered downstairs but didn't mop, I'll do that Friday morning, give it another quick sweep, I love my tiled floor in this heat.

When I got back from picking car up, I sat in the garden with my feet in a bowl of water because they were sore from the walk, I was so glad I had that pedicure set Vicky had got me, it really soothed my feet, I just need to remember to put the cream on every day to get the dry skin on my heels smoother.

I had an early night because I was falling asleep on the settee, Aryn and I were watching Your Honor, we've planned to watch the last one tonight whilst eating chicken wings - we know how to have a good time!

I've got a busy day, huddles and taking Aryn to school for a lesson this afternoon, or maybe 2 if he's okay, I'm so hoping today goes well, keep everything crossed for me please.

But now, I'm off to marinate my chicken wings ready for later, I might pick up a garlic bread to enjoy with them and maybe corn on the cob, we like a cob we do.

Here's to a great day, 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x   
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