Dining Out Southeast: Ray’s at Killer Creek, Alpharetta, Georgia

Three years ago, we dined at Ray's at Killer Creek in Alpharetta, Georgia.  We have wanted to return for another wonderful meal ever since.  This weekend we were fortunate enough to be in the area and were able to return.  Here is the blog post from our prior visit.

The atmosphere here is one of peace, quiet, and elegance.  If you're expecting to keep up with the "big game" or the latest infomercial, you'll be disappointed as there are NO televisions in the beautiful dining area.  Lighting is subdued, the tables are intimate, and those things really help set the tone for a wonderful meal.  Gerald was our server and he was professionalism personified. He was very knowledgeable about the menu and kept the courses flowing smoothly.

Check out the goodies in the bread basket!

We began our meal with Tuna Tataki $17.00 There was no heavy crust of sesame seeds which was a nice change. The fresh flavor of the tuna was the star.  Ponzu sauce, wasabi, fresh ginger, and a small salad accompanied the tuna.

As we looked over the menu, we each changed our minds several times.  The descriptions of everything sounded amazing.  We finally made our decisions and then......Gerald told us the specials for the evening.  We immediately decided to forgo our choices and chose the specials!

Sweet Harold's meal:  Pan-roasted Chilean Sea Bass topped with creamy herbed crab and served over a bed of farro mixed with shaved Brussels sprouts.  $36.00  This was Sweet Harold's first time to enjoy farro, which is one of the ancient grains, and knowing his love of Brussels sprouts, this was an excellent side dish.  The sea bass was perfectly cooked and look at how much crab topping there is on that entree!

I chose the twin tournedos of beef.  Each filet was 4 oz. and one was topped with a piece of crispy lobster with a BBQ Butter Sauce and the other was topped with a crab cake topped with Bernaise Sauce.  Super rich whipped potatoes and asparagus were served alongside.  $49.00

The filets were perfectly cooked to my request of medium.  Until this meal, I had never had a filet so tender that it could be cut with a fork. The crab cake was full of crab with very little filler and the Bernaise sauce was rich, creamy, and full of green flecks from the fresh herbs.

The lobster was tender and oh, so, crunchy!  The BBQ butter sauce would be delicious on almost anything. 

The whipped potatoes and asparagus weren't merely fillers on the plate!  The potatoes were luxuriously creamy and the asparagus spears were cooked al dente.  No soggy green vegetables here.

If you are ever in the vicinity of Alpharetta, I cannot recommend this restaurant enough.  You won't be disappointed!

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