Easy Christmas Menu

I totally forgot that it was Sunday yesterday and managed to not post this delightful Christmas menu that I had promised. Luckily theres still a week and a half to go so if youre still scratching your head for what to make if youre hosting, or need to bring a dish to a shared feast situation then read on!

Im doing Christmas at my parents place and that usually involves seafood to start then moving on to a fairly traditional Christmas dinner with a roasted bird, pork with crispy crackling, potatoes and salad (because its the Southern Hemisphere!). Then dessert, it invariably involves meringues or pavlova as my mum makes them so incredibly well, but theres also usually something chocolatey on the table too.

What does your Christmas menu involve? Let me know as I love love love hearing about everyone elses traditions, especially when it involves food.

This menu involves a series of dishes that are uncomplicated but delicious. Its Christmas though so they all look beautifully festive and some do involve a little preplanning, that is mentioned in the notes below.


Prawn Tostadas

You can by the prawns cooked or boil them yourself (in the shell!) This is best ut together just before eating but you could prep everything in the morning.

Beetroot Cured Ocean Trout

Serve on crackers or fresh baguette slices. This one needs 36 hours to cure so prepare 2 days ahead. The actually processes are super quick and easy though.

Saganaki with orange, Almond and Pomegranate Salad

Make a double batch of this as it will go down very quickly!


Roasted Herb Salted Pork Rack

Serve this with the vegetable accompaniments in the recipe or just by itself as part of the rest of the feast. Dry the skin out in your fridge the day before hand for the crispiest of crackling.

Maple Glazed Roast Chicken

If youre serving more than 8 or not doing the Pork you might want to make this recipe for Turkey instead! Brine the chicken the day before.

Zaatar, Oregano and Garlic Hasselback Potatoes

If you have limited oven space you could swap these out for a potato salad instead.

Snow Pea, Feta, Almond and Asparagus Salad

A big simple salad that will add freshness to the table

Tomato and Parsley Salad with Miso and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Salad

A little red and green on the table looks amazing.


Meringue Wreath with Strawberry Cream

Cant go past meringues at Christmas, make these the day before!

Chocolate Cheesecake With Tahini Caramel Drizzle

If you need two desserts, this one can also be made the day ahead.

Happy planning lovely humans.

HH. x

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