Easy Tiramisu Recipe

Easy Homemade Individual Tiramisu Recipe | https://diyprojects.com/easy-tiramisu-recipe

Love is in the air with sweet recipes like decadent chocolates, cakes, and other romantic recipes. Sweeten your Valentine’s day with a totally indulgent and scrumptious dessert – Tiramisu. It is a perfect romantic occasion dessert and your special someone will fall in love with you more with this romantic recipe.


Easy Tiramisu Recipe | Best Tiramisu Recipe


Before we start with the recipe, here’s a quick history of this mood-elevating dessert. Tiramisu is a classic Venetian dessert that’s loaded with coffee, cream and a light sponge. It is elegant and rich Italian dessert that was invented in an Italian brothel. It actually means “pick-me-up.” which refers to the two caffeinated ingredients that are present in the dish, espresso and cocoa.

So let’s start! We do hope you give this easy Tiramisu recipe a try this Valentines day. Enjoy!



for 2 large or 4 small portions:

  • 1/2 cup espresso with 2 tbsp Marsala wine for dipping cookies
  • 10 or 12 ladyfinger cookies, broken in half if making cups
  • 2 large egg yolks
  • 2 tablespoons plus one teaspoon white sugar
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • pinch of salt
  • 3/4 cup mascarpone cheese (6 oz)
  • 2 large egg whites
  • cocoa for dusting
  • dark chocolate for shaving

Step 1

Check out Easy Tiramisu Recipe at https://diyprojects.com/tiramisu-recipe/

We’re going to need some 1/2 cup espresso! Add 2 tbsp Marsala wine and set it aside.

Step 2


Separate the yolks from egg white in 2 bowls.

Step 3

Check out Easy Tiramisu Recipe at https://diyprojects.com/tiramisu-recipe/

Add 2 tablespoons plus one teaspoon white sugar and another tbsp of Marsala wine. Using an electric mixer, mix it up until it’s very thick, foamy, and creamy.

Step 4


  • Take it over the stove and place it on a pan of gently simmering water (on low heat), making sure the water doesn’t touch the base of the bowl.
  • Mix it up until it gets thick and the color turns pale yellow. Once in a while, you’ll need to lift up the bowl to let out some steam, we want to make sure it won’t be too hot. (We don’t want to scrabble these eggs.)
  • It’s going to take about 5-6 minutes when you reach the consistency like the image above.

Step 5


Now it’s time to add 3/4 cup mascarpone cheese (6 oz), 1/2 tsp vanilla, and a pinch of salt. Mix them up altogether evenly without leaving a trace of bits and chunks of mascarpone cheese. Once you’re happy with its consistency, you can set it aside.

Step 6


Whisk the egg whites until it gets foamy until it becomes super thick.

Step 7


Add half to the mascarpone mixture and fold them in, then gently fold through the rest of the whites.

And now we’re ready to build the Tiramisu!

Step 8

Check out Easy Tiramisu Recipe at https://diyprojects.com/tiramisu-recipe/

  • Put one spoonful of mascarpone mixture inside a glass cup.
  • Get your ladyfinger cookies and turn them over the espresso mixture. Take note that you don’t want to soak it too long so just dunk it one by one and give them a couple of flips before placing them on the mascarpone mixture.

Step 9


Once you’re done with the base, spread another spoonful of mascarpone mixture halfway through the glass. This time, you’ll line up the ladyfinger cookies vertically around the inside of the glass. Line two more in the middle across the top and fill them up with marcapone mixture.

Step 10

Check out Easy Tiramisu Recipe at https://diyprojects.com/tiramisu-recipe/

Wrap with plastic and chill overnight for best results.

Step 11


Remove the plastic then dusk the top with cocoa powder.

Step 12

Check out Easy Tiramisu Recipe at https://diyprojects.com/tiramisu-recipe/

Sprinkle with chocolate shavings before serving. And you’re done!



We’re sure your Valentine will absolutely love this delicious and heavenly dessert!


Check out the full video tutorial from Food Wishes below:


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