Easy Vegetable Side Dishes

These easy vegetable side dishes are perfect for pairing with just about any meal! There’s something for everyone, including family friendly options!

In this post we’ll cover some cold vegetable side dishes, kid friendly vegetable side dishes, veggie side dishes, and green vegetable side dishes! There’s so much to cover, you’ll love how easy it is to make tasty sides that are a varried and simple.

Making side dishes doesn’t have to mean the same old boring veggies from a can or a bag! We will also discuss frozen versus canned vegetables for these recipes and the benefits / drawbacks to each.

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Are there any cold vegetable side dishes?

There are some great cold vegetable side dishes on this list. There’s some options that you can use for summer parties and family gatherings, backyard BBQ’s and more.

The great thing about cold veggie side dishes is that you can serve them without needing to heat them up. You can use them for lunches on the go, dinners on evenings when you have sporting events, and more.

Do you have any kid friendly vegetable side dishes?

Almost all of these easy vegetable side dishes are kid friendly. You can serve them up with your favorite source of protein like grilled chicken, pork chops, or even something simple like sausages or burgers.

These kid friendly vegetable side dishes are great because everyone will eat them without complaint. Another awesome option is adjusting them to suit your needs. If you have allergies or a strong aversion to any of the ingredients these recipes are pretty flexible so you can make changes where needed.

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Should I use frozen or canned vegetables for these recipes?

Making vegetable dishes with frozen or canned vegetables will change the results. Fresh veggies are also an option but you will need to follow each recipe for them to come out properly.

When cooking with frozen vegetables you get a better texture and they do often retain more of their natural flavor, have less sodium, and you can find them just about anywhere. They’re also easy to store and keep on hand for long periods of time.

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Canned vegetables have their merits as well. They retain a lot of their nutritional benefits as well as their consistency. Canned vegetables can also be stored for a very long time and are the least expensive option.

When it comes to choosing your vegetables just be sure to consider the cooking times. Canned vegetables will take much less time before they are overcooked and deteriorate in your recipes. Fresh veggies will take the longest and frozen vegetables may need to be thawed or partially cooked before you use them in side dish recipes!

Green vegetable side dishes:

There are plenty of green vegetable side dishes on this list for you to choose from! Adding green vegetables to your diet is a great way to boost your overall wellness. The nutritional benefits are many and with these delicious side dishes it’s easy to get everyone in your family eating better.

Adding green vegetables to your diet doesn’t have to mean green drinks and bland salads. These recipes will show you some great ways to add green vegetable side dishes to your meal plan rotation with ease.

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Looking for more great recipe collections to check out?

Here are some other recipe collections that we think you’ll enjoy. There are so many awesome recipes in these posts which means you can quickly and easily fill up your meal planner for the week or the month.

Meal planning is easy when you have so many awesome recipes to choose from. I also like to reference these collections when I feel like we’re getting into a rut with our usual meals. If I feel like our options are getting boring or repetitive we can always pull some of these and mix it up a bit.

Vegetable Side Dish Recipes:

Vegetable Side Dishes

Roasted Spaghetti Squash

Making this roasted spaghetti squash with parmesan and parsley could not be easier! It's easy, delicious, low carb, and perfect for even busy weeknight dinners! 

Baked Acorn Squash

This baked acorn squash recipe is simple, wholesome, and delicious! If you've never tried squash before, this is a great recipe to start with!

Garlic Green Bean Recipe With Tomatoes

This garlic green bean recipe with tomatoes is so simple and flavorful. The whole family will love it! 

Mexican Street Corn Salad | Elote Salad

You don't have to travel to Mexico to enjoy the flavors of Elote! You can get all the delicious flavors and textures right here in this Mexican street corn salad recipe. My elote salad recipe is quick, easy, and bursting with flavor. Makes a great side dish and stands out at any party or backyard BBQ! 

Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower

Roasting vegetables with garlic and olive oil gives them amazing flavor as well as a crunchy texture. This Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower will become your favorite way to prepare them.

Balsamic Roasted Asparagus

Balsamic Roasted Asparagus has a crisp texture and layers of flavor. It's an easy side dish for your holiday table!

Delicious Corn Salad With Bacon

Looking for a new way to serve up some vegetable side dishes? This delicious corn salad with bacon is quick, easy, and delicious. The whole family will love this easy vegetable salad. It's a great picnic recipe as well.

Homemade Mashed Potatoes Recipe

These easy and delicious homemade mashed potatoes are great with any main dish. Learn how to make mashed potatoes from scratch the easy way!

Cheddar Bacon Ranch Smashed Potatoes

These cheddar bacon ranch smashed potatoes are so delicious and indulgent. A family friendly side dish recipe that is easy to make and tastes great! These ranch smashed potatoes will be a fast favorite for anyone who gives them a try! 

5-Ingredient Red Potato Salad

Need a super easy recipe for your next barbecue or potluck? How about this 5-Ingredient Red Potato Salad!

Roasted Red Potatoes with Rosemary

These roasted red potatoes with rosemary are deliciously simple. They're one of my favorite oven roasted red potatoes recipes!

Twice Baked Potatoes Recipe

This easy twice baked potatoes recipe is perfect for an easy dinner recipe. These twice baked potatoes with bacon are indulgent and tasty. A perfect recipe for something a little different that isn't super time consuming!

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