Extreme Heat ~ Rain ~ Rhubarb Vodka

Whoops!  Yesterday morning I overslept.  First time in years.  Not sure if it was the extreme heat we had or what, but I felt terrible that I did.  I am always up making coffee, feeding the cats, packing my husband's breakfast and lunch.  There has been a lot on our minds though. 

The ladies cooled off the best they could with chipped ice.  I left the coop open when we finally got a down pour, so they could get wet and cool their hot feathery bodies off.

Although I will now be behind in weeding, I am so happy for the rain.  The funny thing is, is that we both said if it's a rotten year we'd not plant a garden next year.  In fear of a rotten year (3 years in a row), we really cut back on what we planted too.  Now I regret not planting my popcorn, peas, spaghetti squash etc.  Well, I'll be over those regrets, as soon as I visit Farmer's markets and re-stock.  

I finally got rhubarb vodka in the making.  We like this better than strawberry, but both are good.

I finally found organic broccoli and asparagus!  I blanched both and got them in the freezer.

More photos of my snapdragons.  My lens kept steaming up, it was that humid.
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