Gardening in Maine – The Cold Weather Vegetables Have been Planted, The Hell Strip Has Flowers and So Much More!

Hello from Maine! Today the forecast calls for SUNSHINE and a high of 55 degrees. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be a whopping 66 degrees with more sunshine. Hot dog! I think summer has finally arrived here in the pine tree state.

The weather has been absolutely perfect for playing in the dirt and yesterday I worked outside from 7 am until 7 pm and now I am paying for it this morning. Oh well, nothing a few old lady pills can’t fix, right? 😉  Yesterday I planted brussels sprouts and broccoli between the newly planted raspberry and asparagus rows.

Since I won’t be able to harvest any asparagus this year {it takes a few years} and the raspberry plants {which are currently naked little canes} won’t produce but a collective handful of berries this year, I figured I could get away with planting a half dozen each of the brussels sprouts and broccoli in the space this year.

Who knows, I may even add in a few giant sunflowers to the mix. We’ll see.

On my project list for today is staining the outside of the garden boxes.

The baby lettuce blend I planted a few weeks ago is finally up!

And my two rows of spinach have their first set of true leaves!

The grass seed is even coming up!

The sugar snap peas are refusing to grab on to their trellis {weird!} but I suspect they’ll cave in and start to break away from the center here any day now.

Lucy’s strawberry plants are beginning to leaf out too!

And the rhubarb! Holy cow. And to think I was nervous about digging up and dividing the plant earlier this spring. It was a pretty good hack job and I wasn’t sure if I was going to destroy the mother plant or not.

Clearly I should have done more because mama rhubarb’s 6 rhubarb babies I planted along the back of the garage are doing so well.  I think I’ll divide it in half again next year and sell the extra babies.

Cleaning up this bed is the HH’s project for today. I’ve decided to grow pumpkins in front of the hedges this summer {and then fill the space with spring flowering bulbs in the fall} but first, he is going to have to dig out the randomly placed hosta plants for me first {which I’ll then transplant to other places in the backyard}.

What do you see? 🙂

A garden project a day keeps the doctor away… that’s what I keep telling the HH but I don’t think he believes me.

Yesterday I had him use Manny to till up the hell strip {that awkward junky spot between the sidewalk and the curb} and prep the area for me so I could bedazzle the space with a colorful flower border. Gladys Kravitz supervised of course.

I chose petunias. I LOVE petunias!!!

I don’t know how long the strip is, 100 feet, maybe a little more? All I know is that in a month or two it’s going to look awesome once all those flowers have spread out and are in bloom.

And just look at those tulips! Mama Mia.

And last but not least, hanging basket season… it has arrived, and I couldn’t be happier. Gardening rules, doesn’t it? 🙂

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone,

Keep Calm and Garden On.


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