Gardening in Maine – The Raised Garden Boxes are Starting to Fill Out

Hello Thursday!

Check it out… Babies. We were able to snap a picture of the robin babies yesterday when the mama bird flew away to find dinner. Aren’t they cute? If you look closely at the nest you’ll see thin strips of black wool threads. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I always empty all the goodies my vacuum sucks up onto the compost section in the backyard and it made me so happy that some wool strands made it into the nest.

The garden boxes are starting to fill out. I wish the soil was darker though, as it would have made the vegetables “pop” a bit more. Oh well, as long as the veggies are healthy, that’s all the matters, right?

Spinach, beets and lettuce.

The lettuce is nearly ready to pick…. just a few more days.

The eggplants and peppers I started from seed are starting to fill out as well.

Behind the garden boxes we have blueberry bushes, onions, raspberry canes, brussels sprouts, broccoli and asparagus {which is knee high right now}.

The raspberry canes were bare when we planted them in mid April but they’re coming along.

I think I’m most excited about the brussels sprouts though. We planted 6 starts but now I’m wishing we would have planted a few more.

Along the side of the house there are peonies, bush beans and a bunch of mammoth sunflowers planted.

I was hoping for creamy white peonies like we had at the last house and it looks like I’m going to get them. There are only buds on one of the bushes so far but I’m hopeful.

And last but not least, check out those petunias growing along the sidewalk. Don’t they just make you smile? We get so many compliments from the peeps walking by. I hope I planted them close enough so that the entire space is filled out with flowers by the end of the summer.

So how is you’re garden doing these days? What have you been harvesting? Curious minds want to know.

Have an AWESOME day everyone,


Oh, and does anyone know what kind of tree this is? We haven’t got a clue.

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