Gill Meller: five recipes for barbecued vegetables

Forget the bangers and burgers, and pivot your barbecue game to vegetables instead. Try baby beetroot with white bean hummus, grilled courgettes with basil mayo, charred asparagus and buttered new potatoes, little gems with crispy pork, and heritage tomatoes with Italian sausage

As we drift into summer, the way we cook begins to change. We can hear the warm breeze calling us to step out of the kitchen and cook something outside for a change. In June, I love to cook the first mackerel of the season over the fire – it’s one of the best ways to eat them – but it’s not difficult to make fresh, seasonal vegetables the focus of your outdoor cookery, too. There are so many that lend themselves beautifully to the searing heat of charcoal and the gentle aroma of wood smoke.

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