Healthy Chicken Recipes

Think chicken is a snooze-fest? THINK AGAIN. With the right recipe, chicken is anything but boring. Chicken is my go-to meat for recipe planning, because its a blank canvas for all kinds of different flavors and cooking techniques. Chicken is easy to use, a healthy source of protein, widely available, and budget-friendly. Weeknights (and weekends for that matter) are busy. Here are my favoriteHealthy Chicken Recipes that are sure to keep your weeknight dinners interesting!

Below you can find both easy, healthy chicken breast recipes and healthy chicken thigh recipes. There are ideas for making soups, salads, Asian recipes, Indian recipes, casseroles, and so much more.
To make browsing these healthy chicken recipes easy, theyre listed below in categories. If you would like to jump to a specific section, simply click the appropriate link below. Otherwise, keep scrolling to see them all!

Whats the Healthiest way to Make Chicken?

Healthy Crockpot Chicken Recipes

Healthy Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken. An easy, healthy crock pot recipe thats perfect for weeknight dinners or to feed a crowd. @wellplated

Some of my favorite healthy chicken recipes are made in the slow cooker. Whether you need healthy chicken recipes for two or healthy chicken recipes for a crowd, these easy slow cooker recipes are the perfect fit for busy weeks.

One Pan Healthy Chicken Recipes

Quick, easy and delicious One Pot Creamy Chicken Stroganoff!! A healthy, homemade version of everyones favorite hamburger stroganoff thats ready in 30 minutes! Perfect for a weeknight meal and will have everyone asking for seconds. NO canned soup! Recipe at | @wellplated

Make cleanup a breeze with this one pan healthy chicken recipes! Everything cooks together in one pot or skillet, so you arent left with a pile of dishes at the end of the night.

Light and Healthy Chicken Recipes

If youre looking forhealthy chicken recipes for weight loss, these are the best fit. Each one uses light ingredients but still has tons of flavor.

Family Favorite Healthy Chicken Recipes

Healthy Chicken Pot Pie. Just 335 calories for a huge, creamy serving! Packed with juicy chicken, fresh veggies, and topped with a golden, flakey crust. An easy, comforting weeknight dinner! {dairy free; clean eating} Recipe at | @wellplated

Recipes your entire family will love! Even picky eaters will enjoy these family favorite healthy chicken recipes. Theyre deeply comforting and filled with rich flavor.

Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

shredded chicken tacos

The Instant Pot makes these healthy chicken recipes easy. These are great recipes to make for meal prep.

Healthy Chicken Salad Recipes

Healthy Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad. DELISH! Fresh, creamy, and packed with fresh veggies and juicy chicken. The dressing is made with Greek yogurt, so it's super creamy but much lighter. Perfect for parties, healthy lunches and dinners, and busy families. Use bowtie pasta or any shape you love.

A fresh and delicious healthy salad with crisp veggies, juicy chicken, and an easy, creamy homemade dressing. Perfect for healthy family meals, barbecues, and parties!

Healthy Chicken Indian Recipes

These easy, healthy Indian chicken recipes are made with easy to find ingredients, and theyre better for you than the restaurant version!

Healthy Chicken Asian Recipes

Lightened-up versions of your favorite takeout dishes. They have just as much flavor, and theyre delicious leftover!

Healthy Chicken Casserole Recipes

When you need to make healthy chicken recipes for a crowd or for meal prep, these casseroles are perfect. Each one is packed with veggies!

Healthy Chicken Soup Recipes

These healthy chicken soups are cozy, light, and perfect for chilly nights. Plus, using the slow cooker or Instant Pot makes them easy!

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