How to Make a Beautiful Spring Window Box Idea

In decorating the spring, there are many things that you can do. One of them is paying attention to the exterior designs. This is not only for your terrace but also you can give a spring touch to your window. Spring that is synonymouse with lots of blooming flower, you can add a touch to your windows by making flower window boxes. Spring window boxes can make your outside window look more alive. In addition to adding color to your windows, spring window box ideas can help bring drab facades to life. A great way to make a window box look more colorful is to use a combination of flowers. Consider a variety of colors and plant types to give your windows a pop of color. For bold color and texture, try a plant with a different shape or texture. Mixing annuals with colorful foliage is another option. When choosing spring flower ideas, consider the season and the time of year. If the box is placed in a warm spot, it will get plenty of direct sunlight and remain green all summer. Moreover, consider the appearance of the box or container that will be used. You can paint it and adjust it to the color of your window sill to make it look harmonious. Or, you can use different colors to create a contrasting look. Follow this article for more information.

How to make a beautiful spring window box idea1

Yellow, white, purple, and green send colorful messages that spring has arrived. The flowers in this window box appear on a black wooden window. Yellow calla lilies, feathery yellow hydrangeas and white inhabit most of the box. The plant should begin to bloom in late spring, and the soil should be evenly moistened. Pair it with gray walls and black shutters for a unique and eye-catching design. Lily Combo Windows Box from thespruce.


Spring doesn’t have to be all about pastel colors. Lots of beautiful flower box ideas using stunning deep colors. This leafy window box includes variegated coleus, million bells, vinca, and asparagus fern. Window boxes with this combination of plants should be protected from strong afternoon sun. Combined with brick walls and dark gray shutters this creates a unique eye-catching design. Spring Black Windows Box from thespruce.


Look charming by adding a window box with lots of flowers, this will make the room design beautiful and steal the attention. Picking petunias in bright purples, pinks, and yellows fill this window box. This is a great choice to celebrate spring in your home. This simple design will make your spring more unique and will steal the attention of many people. Petunia Flower from thespruce.


Plants with white flowers, such as petunia, begonia, Angelonia angustifolia and sweet alyssum are arranged symmetrically in this window box. They provide a contrast to black windows and whitewashed brick houses with white wood trim, but still feel soft and natural. Using this wooden box window will give it a sturdy and durable look. Green and White Windows Box from thespruce.


This window box celebrates spring with anything in bloom that fits in the box. These include pansies, geraniums, and snapdragons. Window boxes like this are great for you to apply to this window planter. In this way, a pile of plants in this box will create a beautiful garden design and will welcome your guests with a cheerful and fresh feeling. Geraniums and snapdragons Windows Box from thespruce.


In this window box idea, white bacopa and some purple flowers will make a beautiful and attractive window box design. This combination creates a wide, spreading box that will grow as spring progresses. The purple and white color palette keeps things simple yet springy. The design looks great when paired with blue walls and white window trim for a fresh and airy look. White and Purple Flower Window Box from thespruce.


Tulips are a classic spring flower. Placing these bright red tulips standing tall behind a window box will make spring more festive and have a fresh and airy feel. You can use wooden window boxes for a natural touch and a rustic look to this garden. This blue flower will display a beautiful appearance and steal everyone’s attention. Tulips Window Box from thespruce.


Two Easter lily plants, with trumpet-shaped flowers soaring over English ivy and pink hyacinth in this early spring planter provide a beautiful garden design that catches the eye. You can plant some of these flowers on wooden window contacts to create a beautiful and attractive display. Pair it with this blue trim stone wall for a unique design that will catch your eye. Easter Lilies Windows Box from thespruce.


This brilliant idea for home window decoration will give a unique look and steal the attention of many people. Applying some greenery and lavender flowers will create a fresh and cool garden design. The green window design combined with brick walls and white window trim will make the room decoration attractive and look more natural. Greenery and Lavender Windows Box from digsdigs.


This window box planter filled with greenery, leaves, red flowers, and shrubs for a fresh look offers a beautiful spring garden décor that catches the eye. Choosing a window box from this black-painted wooden box gives your patio a beautiful look. Combined with brick walls and white window trim will result in a beautiful room design and steal the attention. Black Window Box Planter from digsdigs.


A small white window box with some bright pink and purple flowers and flowing greenery will add a touch of color to your garden. By displaying this greenery will offer a unique design for you to try in your spring. Hanging on the outside window of this house will give a unique design and steal people’s attention. Using this whitewashed wooden box will also give it a sleek and clean look. Small White Window Box from digsdigs.


To add to the spring cheer, you can add lots of greenery and white flowers to make it look sweet. Using this homemade cedar box will create a unique spring window design that brings a rustic feel to this garden. Combined with white outdoor walls, this creates the perfect garden design. This design will create a beautiful garden and enliven spring throughout the room. Wooden Cedar Window Box from digsdigs.


This blue crown molding window box planter with lush greenery, blooms and colorful foliage will offer a beautiful room decor and will steal the attention of many. This dark blue painting will make for a beautiful design that contrasts sharply with these shutters. These colorful flowers and greenery will give this garden a fresh and cool look. Blue Wooden Box from digsdigs.


This charming spring window box features chic flocked white blooms. A chic white window box planter with white flowers and flowing greenery brings out supreme elegance. Adding these flowers will add a touch of elegance to your window décor. Painting these window boxes white would make for a perfect design and would give it a clean look.  Spring Box Planter from digsdigs.


This spring window box uses scrap wood to add a rustic feel to this garden décor. You can make it yourself using used wood and applying it to this window will produce the perfect design. With this design, you can continue to enjoy it all spring. These curly branches also complement your window box décor. Adding blooms of this bold color will create a stylish window design that will grab the attention of many. Rustic Wooden Box from digsdigs.


Here’s another spring window box idea that incorporates all the greenery. A branch and box window wig with greenery and pink flowers is a great idea for adding a natural feel to your windows. Using only tree branches cut and pasted on this wooden box makes for a charming design. This decorating idea is easy for you to make so that it becomes a beautiful and economical garden design. Wig Wooden Box from digsdigs.


A white window box planter against a white wall looks beautiful, especially with the flowing flowers in it. Applying some blooming flowers and some greenery will make a beautiful garden decoration and steal the show. Adding some of these low maintenance flowers will provide the perfect garden design for you to try this spring. Spring White Wooden Box from digsdigs.


This spring window box idea has a monochromatic scheme but still manages to be a beautiful garden decor. These lush white flowers and some flowing greenery look gorgeous. This decoration idea will make the decoration unique and look charming. These green accents will also provide a fresh and natural window décor. Spring Windows Box from digsdigs.


Black metal cross window box for potted plants and flowers allows changing plants whenever you want. You can add red and pink flowers, this will make a beautiful garden design and steal the show. Combined with green window trim and beige walls will create a charming and eye-catching room design. Black Metal Cross Window Box from digsdigs.


This black metal window box with a black semigloss finish will look sturdy and last longer. Some of these bold colored blooms will also give your garden a fresh and bold impression. You can put this idea in your window box to enliven spring in your home. Combined with whitewashed window trim and beige walls this will create a charming spring decor. Black Metal Window Box from digsdigs.


Neutral wooden window box planters with colorful flowers and flowers around will also cheer up the coming spring season. Adding a pergola above this window will also give it a beautiful and attractive look. You can combine some blooms and greenery for a fresh and natural feel throughout your garden. You can also add these vines to give your garden a different look this spring. Wooden Box with Pergola from digsdigs.


Adding a window box to the exterior of this home will spice up your spring season. This window box features several purple blooms for a beautiful and eye-catching garden decoration. This idea will create a stylish garden decoration and will steal the attention of every guest who comes. Pair it with turquoise and white on the windows for the perfect garden décor. Dark Wooden Windows Box from homedit.


Don’t worry about your wooden box looking tacky. Now you can paint white on the window boxes for a beautiful and attractive window result. Adding some soil and some of these colorful flowers will make for a beautiful garden design and liven up your spring season. Pair it with white window trim and blue walls for a pretty design. DIY Paint Wooden Box from homedit.


Using this metal and wire window box will result in a beautiful window design that will steal the show. Just use a galvanized pot filled with some blooming flowers this will make a beautiful and eye-catching design. Combined with stone walls this makes for an attractive outdoor design. This simple design will give a charming room decor. Metal and Wire Window Box from homedit.


Strategically placing a few hanging vines will give your window box spring a very vintage feel and add interest to the rest of your landscaping. Choosing to use wooden window frames that are painted white will produce a beautiful window design and will steal the attention of many people. Adding some colorful flowers will also make for a beautiful and eye-catching design. White Window Box from homedit.

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