Meal Plan - Week 3

Weekly Meal Plan

Master steak marinade
Cheesy chive and onion potato casserole
Dorito taco salad
Cheddar corn biscuit
Instant pot Crack Chicken Pasta
Roasted bean and mushrooms
Southwestern Quichidalas
Mexican street corn casserole
Artisan Chicken
Broccoli and Pineapple salad
One pot spaghetti
Green Jacket Salad
Feta skillet bread
SLow cooker ranch pork chops
Teriyaki asparagus
Banana Pudding eclair cake


This weeks meal plan is from Plain Chicken site. They do a daily meal for the week, sometimes with sides and a desert.

I like this site. I go between the USA and Australia and this site is very much more towards the USA form of cooking. So for me its a taste of my second home.

MONDAY: Recipe – Master Steak Marinade

Recipe – Cheesy chive and onion Potato Casserole


TUESDAY: Recipe – Doritos Taco Salad

Recipe – Cheddar Corn Biscuits


WEDNESDAY: Recipe – Instant Pot – Crack Chicken Pasta

Recipe – Roasted Beans and Mushrooms


THURSDAY: Recipe – Southwestern Quichidalas

Recipe – Mexican street corn casserole


FRIDAY: Recipe – Artisan Grilled Chicken

Recipe – Broccoli Pineapple Salad


SATURDAY: Recipe – One-Pot Spaghetti

Recipe – Green Jacket Salad

Recipe – Feta skillet bread


SUNDAY: Recipe – Slow-cooker – Ranch pork chops.

Recipe – Teriyaki Asparagus


DESERT: Recipe – Banana pudding eclair cake

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