Monday, I got Medicare gap coverage!

 Well, this is one worry out of the way.  I also stayed in the budget I had set.  Many of my drugs are tiers 5 and 4 so not paid for in full, but enough is paid that I think the drug company will forgive the rest. Or I hope.

Got the first of the policy changes in the mail, so now only two more to go. I think?

Filled the car with gas, which is now $3.46 a gallon here.  I am trying to use cash for everything, as Joel's death has caused CC debt and they have taken so much out of my checking account and have not returned the money.  So, I am trying to just get by. I am really fine, just using cash keeps me from overspending. 

The kids will be home tomorrow from Hawaii, and I really miss them.  Kelsa has been a joy (except for the potty training).  But I do get more done in the shop when she is not here.

Lil sis is here, caulking and painting the trim around the new floors.  So grateful for her.  You do not want me to have a paint brush in my hand.  It is not a good thing ever.

Had another wedding dress come in this morning and also had one I sent back home as her wedding was in 2024.  I will not store a dress and she wanted to lose some weight.  Yeah, come back next year at this time.  Some brides just want to get way ahead of themselves.

I can't believe February will be over tomorrow. It went by so fast, and it went by so slow.  But March always brings spring so that makes me very happy.

My little seedlings are doing great. When these have two sets of double leaves they are ready to transplant into pony packs.

I have 4 more kinds of plants to get started before the end of the week.  I want to do Lobelia, deadnettle, bacopa, and Asparagus fern. Then I will start my herbs and my few garden plants in a couple of weeks. What I am worried about is where I will put all the plant trays in this small house.  It will be a while before I can put them in the portable green house. At least a full month.  We can always get low temps in April.

Kelsa is napping so I had better get sewing. 

Trying to stay afloat one day at a time.


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