My $100 A Month Grocery Budget – Week 11 of 52

Lately my biggest goal when it comes to mealtime, is using up what we have in the canning cupboard.  So this past week started off like any normal week…

The plan was to open and use up all the jars I had set out on the counter the previous Sunday. And with the exception of one jar {pasta sauce} we managed to empty them. 

Here’s a look at the meals I served last week:

Home canned beef stew. {We only have 1 jar left! Note to self: This summer, can at least 24 jars.}

Home canned split pea and ham soup. {I want to can more of this too!}

Copy cat Panera tomato soup {I didn’t can this but a week rarely goes by without me eating this at least once for lunch}. 

Turkey pot pie with pressure canned carrots.

Pasta salad with pickled peppers and pickled asparagus. I also used a jar of zucchini relish in some tuna salad I whipped up last week as well. 

I didn’t use any canned goods here, but I still have 5 dozen eggs I need to use! 

Quesadillas with home canned salsa and homemade tortillas

And then St. Patrick’s Day rolled around and The Kiln Guy and The Chef joined us for lunch. 🙂

And so we served corned beef, cabbage and potatoes along with an Irish apple cake {that was just okay} and then I had them sample the meat pies and pasties and sticky toffee pudding I had made at the King Arthur Baking School

I think we all agreed the sticky toffee pudding was the best. {Recipe coming soon.}

For leftovers the next night we had corned beef and glazed {canned} carrots

Then leftover over corned beef with potatoes. And that was it for meals. 

Now on to the exciting part. 🙂 

Every week when the sale flyers for Shaw’s and Hannaford arrive, I give them a quick glance before ultimately deciding there aren’t any deals worth leaving the house for and then tossing them into the recycling bin. 

But this time around there actually WERE a few good deals, enough to get me excited for the first time since we’ve moved to New England {nearly five years ago!} to sign up for one of those dumb chopper cards. 

Was my sign up information accurate? No. Because seriously, why on earth does a grocery store need to know your email address or phone number in order for you to BUY FOOD from them? Bottom line: They don’t. 

Yada yada yada.

Here are the deals I picked up.

Shaw’s $17.64

$3.26 Corned Beef Brisket {$1.27 lb w/ digital coupon}
$4.07 Corned Beef Brisket {$1.27 lb w/digital coupon}
$1.06 6.24 lbs Cabbage {$0.17 w/digital coupon}
$3.94 {2} 5 lb Bags of potatoes {1.97 ea. w/digital coupon}
$1.97 3 lbs onions {$1.97 w/digital coupon}
$1.67 1lb Frozen Peas {not a deal but see below}
$3.88 1.91 lbs Granny Smith apples {$1.77 lb} {not a great deal but see below}
$1.49 O organic black beans {not a deal… BUT see below}
-$1.00 off any O organic product {beans}
-$1.00 off any produce item {apples}
-$1.00 off any frozen food item {peas}

$17.84  after deals/coupons 

Then, the new ad came out on Friday {St. Patrick’s Day} and Shaw’s was having a “one day sale” on corned beef, potatoes and cabbage.

So I hopped online to see if there were any new coupons to “clip” and see if I wanted to accompany the HH on his Friday errands so I could score a few more grocery deals. 

Well, as it turned out, there were a few new online coupons to clip so I clipped them and then penciled out a deal and went with the HH to the store.

Shaw’s $20.47

In a nutshell, the sale priced corned beef was “out of stock” {at 9 am} and none of the digital coupons I had clipped an hour earlier came off when it was time to check out. 

But I was calm and the cashier was calm and so I showed her the ad and told her the digital coupons I had clipped and someone came over and manually typed the coupons in and I left with everything {except the corned beef} that I had planned on getting. 

Here’s what that deal looked like:

$1.09 6.42 lbs Cabbage {$0.17 w/digital coupon}
$5.91 {3} 5 lbs potatoes {1.97 ea. w/digital coupon}
$7.94 {2} 24 oz Italian sausage {$3.97 ea. w/digital coupon}
$1.49  O organic beans
$1.50 Oui yogurt {I LOVE this stuff!}
$3.99 Bagged avocados
$3.94 {2} General Mills cereal {$1.97 ea w/digital coupon}
$1.62 Pears
$1.99 8 oz Cheese
– $1.00 off O organic product {digital coupon}
– $1.00 off any yogurt purchase {digital coupon}
-$1.00 off bagged avocados {digital coupon}
– $1.00 off {2} General Mills cereal {digital coupon}
– $5.00 off any $25.00 purchase {digital coupon}

$20.47 after deals/coupons

I told the HH the only other thing I plan to buy this month is a gallon of milk. Unless of course, another really awesome deal comes along. And I mean it would have to be pretty awesome for me to leave the house again. 

One thing I know for sure, there will be a lot of potatoes and cabbage on our dinner plates for a while. 🙂

How did you do at the stores this past week? Did you find any deals? 


Total Spent This Past Week on Groceries $38.11

  • Total Spent on Groceries in March $54.79
  • Total Spent on Groceries in February $101.14
  • Total Spent on Groceries in January $167.33 {this includes buying groceries on Fair Isle}
  • Total Spent on Groceries in 2023 $323.26


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