My $100 A Month Grocery Budget – Week 9 of 52

It was another great week in the grocery spending department. I only spent $11.99 and we made a ton of meals from scratch.

We started the week with leftover beans and a loaf of homemade bread.

I used the spelt flour I picked up from Maine Grains back in December to make the bread and it turned out fantastic. {If you want the recipe let me know, and I’ll post it.}

There was also a homemade chocolate cake!

And some Dutch oven cinnamon raisin bread.

At the start of the week I set out 9 jars on the kitchen counter with plans to open and use up the contents throughout the week.

Last week we emptied: 

In the end, we didn’t open the jar of split pea soup but we did open an extra jar of beef stew and an extra jar of ketchup so it was a success.

Here’s a look at most of the meals we ate last week: 

Quiche with pickled asparagus, rehydrated tomatoes, cheese and spring onion tops.

Pickety bits with bruschetta.

Oatmeal with jam. 

Scones with jam. 

Pancakes with homemade maple syrup. 

Meatloaf with ketchup baked on top. 

Beef stew. 

And then there was my favorite Copycat Panera Tomato Soup served in a giant tomato pot that the HH gave to me for my birthday. 🙂

How cool {and thoughtful} was that!?

I feel like the canning cupboard is finally starting to thin out a bit. 

I’m hoping that by the end of March, I will have reclaimed an entire shelf and that by the end of June all the 2022 canned items will have been consumed and we can start filling the cupboard up again with new canning creations.

Costco $11.99 {5 dozen eggs}

The big purchase of the week? 5 dozen eggs for $11.99. Finally, egg prices are starting to come down to a more reasonable price.

So how did YOU do this past week? Did you find any deals? 


Total Spent This Past Week on Groceries $11.99

  • Total Spent on Groceries in March $11.99
  • Total Spent on Groceries in February $101.14
  • Total Spent on Groceries in January $167.33 {this includes buying groceries on Fair Isle}
  • Total Spent on Groceries in 2023 $280.46


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