On the Hooks ~ Frost Warning (again)

Crocheting a rag rug.  This project is on hold for now.  I am having to use all my spare sheets and pillow cases to cover my asparagus, rhubarb, etc.  We had another freeze/frost warning.  Once the cold wave passes, I'll make more strips of old sheets to finish this rug.

Knitting a dishcloth in red/white and blue.

A set of pot holders.  Sorry for the bad photo.

Off the hook. . .

A new dishcloth pattern.  I learned the waffle stitch this year, which is very easy to do.  I however, feel this is way too thick for a dishcloth.  It also uses twice the amount of yarn than a regular crocheted dishcloth.  It's going in my stash of cleaning cloths and will be used for that.

I dug out my tatting, but haven't yet got back to it to see if I even remember how to do it.  Could be fun.  Who knows.
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