Our Picks for QiXi Celebrations in Beijing

Our Picks for QiXi Celebrations in Beijing

It feels like there’s some kind of holiday celebrating romance and love every month in China. Be it May 20 (520), June 18 (618), Qixi, Valentine’s Day, White Valentine’s Day, and basically whatever excuse for a date night out plus major discounts with online shopping.

But historically speaking, Qixi is a bit different than the more recently made up days to celebrate love. Originally known as Qiqiao Festival in the Han Dynasty (202 BCE – 220 CE), Qixi Festival was actually a significant festival for young women, who prayed for skillful hands for sewing, so they would be prepared for marriage. Later, people related it to the tale of star-crossed lovers separated in the night sky by the Milky Way– Zhinu (the weaver girl), a fairy from heaven, and Niulang (a cowherd), an ordinary farm boy.

Date nights are absolutely vital in keeping a long-term relationship alive and fun. Whether you’re into celebrating every holiday on the calendar, or just need an excuse for a date night out, here are our picks for this year’s Qixi celebrations.

Chinese Valentine’s Day at Artyzen Habitat Dongzhimen Beijing

Artyzen Habitat Dongzhimen Beijing is one of those hidden gems that’s sometimes overlooked by foodies. Their restaurant San offers a mix of Asian and Western cuisine. The taste is fantastic, portions are more than generous, and the prices are surprisingly reasonable.

For QiXi, they’ve got a dinner set for two for RMB799 that includes highlights from their brand new menu.

Starter-Smoked Pomfret Fish, Spicy Abalone, Melon, and Grapefruit Salad; Duck Liver Sauce with Caramel, Crisp Bread with Fennel
Soup-Oyster Soup with Mushroom
Main Course-Angus Beef Tenderloin with Pecan, Wasabi and Cheese Prawns, Fried Asparagus with Lily and Agaric
Rice and Noodles-Fried Noodles with Truffle and Hot Spring Egg
Dessert-Osmanthus Sesame Dumplings with Ice Wine, Mango Crisp

Holiday cake DIY
Exclusive cake in a ring box, with the names of you and your beloved one

Special discount for guestroom
Guests who dine on the night can enjoy a night stay in Habitat 40+ King at 40sqm for an additional RMB399

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Images: Pexels, courtesy of the restaurants

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