Sambar poriyal – lunch combo

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Sambar poriyal – lunch combo

  • Firstly,  chop and keep vegetables ready
  • Soak dal for sambar
  • Keep rice
  • if you are using frozen coconut thaw them 

1- HOUR lunch preparation

  • Pressure cook potatoes and let the pressure releases naturally
  • In a separate cooker pressure cook dal for sambar
  • Temper and saute onion and drumstick
  • Add sambar powder,  tamarind water, and other required ingredients for sambar; boil 
  • After the pressure release naturally, strain the potatoes in a colander and run cold water
  • Peel the potato and roughly chop them
  • Do tempering and saute potato in low flame
  • After the pressure releases naturally mash the dal and prepare sambar
  • Temper and cook Asparagus poriyal
  • Serve the meal with a dollop of ghee

For a detailed recipe link with ingredients and instructions pls. Click on the image 


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