Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery

We met one of SP's coaster friends for dinner one night on vacation. We wanted to check out the Pearl District so we met up atSoutherleigh Fine Food & Brewerywhich is a place I've read about in my food magazines. Here's what we drank & ate:
Kellerleigh Bier (A Classic Example of an unfiltered German Hybrid. Bright Bread Forward, Hints of Citrus Zest) for him, my first ever Fros (frozen ros). I liked my drink but you have to drink it before it starts to melt and turn watery.
We started with Pimiento Cheese (Giardiniera, House Crostini). I liked the cheese a lot, the crostini were a little hard for me.
For his meal, SP chose Southerleigh's Famous Fried Snapper Throats (Crystal Aioli, Creole Mustard Remoulade). He really liked them. There was a lot there.
I opted for Iced Jumbo Gulf Shrimp, 6 pieces (Fresh Horseradish Cocktail Sauce, Comeback Sauce, Lemon). I was disappointed. I expected Jumbo Gulf Shrimp to be much more flavorful. Also, it looked to me like they could have been cleaned better. I spent some time digging out the "veins" I saw in several shrimp and that did not make me happy.
SP ordered two sides: Old Fashioned Corn Bread and Stewed Green Beans. He liked both but raved about the cornbread.
With my shrimp, I ordered Homemade Ricotta (Comfort Grown Tomatoes, Arugula, Toast). It was excellent and filling. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but there was almost too much cheese! Also, the was the other place that seemed heavy on the pepper. Much like the asparagus at Bella on Houston, the ricotta and greens were peppered a bit too much for my taste.

SP's friend had a beer and Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes. It looked yummy, and he said it was. I didn't take photos of his food. We all were too full for dessert.

Overall, we enjoyed our meal at Southerleigh. It's a casual and fun place. Our server was terrific. The food was yummy, I just wish my shrimp had been better cleaned and tasted better.
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